Executive Summery Intelligence Briefing for March 7, 2013

March 7, 2013

Executive Summery Intelligence Briefing

Shades of Ezekiel 38/39?

Another warning of bad times approaching? Putin Warns Amerika of World War. Russian planes probing American defenses and naval ships. North Korea warns of pre-emptive EMP strike. Unrest in Israel, Iran forges ahead with their nuclear programs;  snubs nose at world. Bibi of Israel warns red line close. Obama says will attack Iran if need be. World War Three in the offering? Watch for Isaiah 17 conflict in 2013.

Pope resigns and last Pope to be selected begins, Peter the Roman, already named by the Lord as lightning struck St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Apostasy on a mega scale – no second coming, no end of days according to Pope, “where is the promise of His coming?” Prophecy being fulfilled every day. Apostate Protestant leaders totally clueless as to what is actually happening. Salvation gospel now almost totally destroyed. Most prophecy teachers clueless as to who the actual players are – Christian persecution in America coming very soon, already has begun by demonization of Christians by major media, rulers in government. It will soon turn violent as world goes into chaos. Watch for Obama trip to Israel, may be delayed if Bibi cannot get government formed. Final players of the end times now ready to rock and roll!!’

Earth going through space debris area, will increase with more and more sightings of fireballs in the skies – great balls o’ fire!! The destroyer is approaching, government silent but preparing in secret. Huge underground cities for the elite now ready. Totally stocked with food and medical supplies for years. The elite will mostly perish in those areas. China still building huge empty cities far inland on high ground and away from the coastal regions.

Earthquakes and volcanic activity increasing, Can we say MAGMA RISING? Wild weather all over the globe. Cycle 24 Twin Peaks – Sun expanding? Sun pumping huge amounts of energy into Earth’s core, causing expansion. Rifts and sink holes increasing the world over as Earth expands. Light spectrum now changing? Will sun blink out per Roman Catholic prophecy of 3 days of darkness? Mini nova between 2014 -2019? Remote viewer Ed Dames’s Kill Shot 2013?

Drought around the world increasing, crops failing, stealth famine, economic turmoil, monetary wars, hyperinflation on the way; civil unrest growing. Governments preparing for war against their own people – United Nations gaining power through Agenda 21 covertly. USA government claims OK to kill Americans on our own soil if Obama decides they are enemies of the state – not only legal, but moral and ethical. Everything UPSIDE DOWN. Governments will be grabbing more and more power and become totally lawless. Constitution and Bill of Rights vanish as de-facto Martial Law already going into effect. This is the transition of America into the Fourth Reich we warned about in BABYLON RISING, written back in 1988. It is now here.

Total insanity in Washington; only going to increase. All agencies involved in massive sell-out as ANTICHRIST gathers power unto himself. No one dares to challenge. He is rising, and it is right here in America, Lucifer, the KING of Babylon. Isaiah 13,14, 47 tells the story. Prophecy happening right under the noses of the American people and the world at large and they are clueless on Planet Earth.

UFO sightings increasing rapidly; secret space fleet being revealed, and advanced weapons soon to be shown to the world. UFO flaps always occur whenever Israel is due for prophetic fulfillment. Watch the skies for fake arrival and the end game of the STRONG DELUSION. Remember God is behind the strong delusion and it will work on the vast majority of the world as they have rejected the concept of a Messiah, a Redeemer, and Salvation. The movie IRON SKY just released was a serious disappointment because they mocked what is very real according to Dr. Von Braun, for he claimed the Fourth Reich did indeed have anti-gravity craft and would stage a fake invasion.


New World currency now ready to be offered after collapse of all national currencies, concurrent with MARK OF THE BEAST technology? As we move closer to the actual Mark, we are finding out more and more behind the technology required for it, and some insiders claim it is already made with billions of chips just waiting for the right environment to introduce it.

More and more of Earth’s ancient history now showing up, with major structures being discovered under the oceans of the world. Huge pyramids like city structures. Nothing will be hidden as the Lord reveals the real truth behind Planet Earth and why this is the final battle between the Lord and Satan for the souls of mankind.


Beware march 22, 2013.

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