As America sleeps on, with most comatose and cannot be awakened, it appears that America is sliding rapidly into the long forecast Nazi Police State. If we are reading the remark in Jeremiah correctly that Babylon could have been healed but she will not be, it appears that the end is rapidly coming upon us, and blogs like this and all others will be shut down, as Doofuss Dingle has said, DISSENT is simply not allowed. The Illuminati MUST control all media and silence all other point of view if they are to bring about their long awaited NWO.

The fact that Diane Feinstein can introduce a bill into the Senate that is clearly totally unconstitutional, and is in fact a major attack upon the Bill of Rights, and she not be charged with treason is remarkable in and of itself, and shows us how lawless our nation’s leaders have become, and how far down the slippery slope to tyranny we have come. Further we should say, is that others like her gather and declare that their attempts at total disarmament of the American people are not so!! That this bill in no way disarms anyone are such blatant in your face lies that they must think the American people are complete idiots. The sad fact is, they might be right.

Bible prophecy clearly identifies who America is, and what is to happen to her. It is happening with 100% accuracy while our so-called prophetic leaders declare, even now, that America is not now, and never was in Bible prophecy at all, let alone being called Babylon the Great!! Such total blindness to the truth of this, and the truth of real authentic salvation is a real mind bender, as Doofuss would call it. How is it possible that with 100% fulfillment of prophecy that people cannot and will not see it? Is this part of the GROSS SPIRITUAL DARKNESS that covers the world? Is this simply utter DENIAL? Is it fear of the truth that makes them deny it? Or does it matter in the end anyhow?

Prophecy will be, must be fulfilled. America is about to taste what Red Elk called a SPANKING from the Lord. Those inside the beltway, which is the fence line for the insane asylum seem to be bent on high treason, never having learned that treason does never prosper, but implode upon itself. Unknowingly, or perhaps with some faint glimmer of knowing, Nurse Krachet, or whoever she was , is walking into a trap from which she will not escape, nor will anyone in Washington. In point of fact, if they wish to say that those with mental health issues need to be disarmed, then all of our leaders inside the beltway need to be totally disarmed as they are the most insane of all.

It is interesting is that the denial of who America really is leads to the denial of who Lucifer really is. Lucifer is the KING OF BABYLON THE GREAT. He is a destroyer. He is rising up and consolidating his power like no other “president” in United States history. It is so obvious it defies the imagination why people cannot see it. But then again, prophecy has to be fulfilled, and if the American people were not such Biblical apostates, LUCIFER COULD NOT RISE UP HERE, could he? Be warned, it is closer than you think. If 2017 is indeed a key year for Israel, and we come back this way 3.5 years, then things should begin to get real interesting here, don’t you think? Is it possible the GREAT TRIBULATION will actually begin soon?

By the way, Doofuss stopped by for a visit – just wanted to say hello to all of you, and wishes you well and has more news concerning the watching of the skies and an arrival. Pay attention now!!



  1. I love Doofuss Dingle! I wish he could have a spot on the nightly “news” channels. Maybe he could wake up one or two more lost, deluded souls here in Babylon, USSA – cage of every hateful and unclean bird. But, alas, there is NO love of the TRUTH in Babylon. The jig IS up – game OVER!!


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  3. I’m so glad I found your site. We love Doofuss. And your insights are amazing. I did a piece on the giants, annunaki and summerians and boy did I get heat. I was told I would lose my credibility as a Christian if I didn’t remove it. Because that was fake, you know. Well I didn’t remove it, I don’t understand why people refuse to see what’s happening. Love your site. God bless. I would like to re-blog occasionaly if that’s ok.


  4. Part of the “idiocy” of Americans is the disrespect for, and miseducation of our teachers. I remember teachers who were self-sacrificing and highly educated in the Humanities and Sciences. People I look back to with respect, in my high school. But when I got to Stanford, I did meet some people who were not mere educators, but underminers of society. You know the type.

    I was a real educator. And I miss it. I believe colleges such as I taught in, Community Colleges, are in some places bastions of what used to be. Far better education centers than Stanford, Harvard, U of Chicago, all the rest of the elite centers that Santorum made fun of, quite correctly. Santorum got roasted unfairly for his comments about education.

    Teachers are under attack in places like Wisconsin where their “unions” are presented as immoral entities. Well, there is plenty of room for re-education of teachers, but wake up, they are a prime influence on our children! If we treat them like so much dirt, we are ourselves reprehensible, greedy, stupid people.

    Idiocy will increase if we treat our teachers like scum, while ruthless corporations pat themselves on the back as patriotic, moral pillars of society….which I am afraid we have slipped into.

    But as you say, Stewart, the jig is up. There is no future for any of us. Just talkin’ about what might have been.


    • Oh so true, while we fret over teachers pay, we reward our sports idols millions of dollars and likewise as you say, it really is all about what might have been. As America goes, so goes the world itself. I wish more people would comment though, seems like not many people really care about anything these days. Makes you wonder if anyone is even watching these blogs nowadays. The only way we know is when they comment. Stewart


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