Will the American people ever wake-up or will you continue in your denial?

Biden claims that Obama will use executive orders to ban so-called “assault weapons”, and that it is a necessary thing to violate the Constitution. “Biden said that this is a moral issue and that “it’s critically important that we act.” So then, the Constitution means nothing to these traitors and they openly admit it.”

Look at this headline:

Gen. McChrystal Throws Weight Behind Effort to Ban Firearms
Wednesday, January 9, 2013
By Paul Martin
Kurt Nimmo

January 9, 2012

Retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal threw his weight behind the government effort to rollback the Second Amendment on Tuesday.

All of these so-called patriotic Americans are really traitors coming out in the open. You cannot tell me that McChrystal does not understand the TRUE NATURE OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT – that is for the people to be so armed as to put down tyranny within government, and the U.S. Military is PART OF GOVERNMENT. Of course he knows that, but also knows all about NORTHCOM, FEMA CAMPS, NDAA and the plans to use the military to round-up Americans and torture and kill them. Remember that once the Satanic evil is unleashed, THERE IS NOTHING TO STOP THE EVIL, THERE WILL BE NO ONE TO STOP IT.

They have to get all the guns in order to bring about their NEW WORLD ORDER. They need to disarm the masses in order to ROUND THEM UP FOR FEMA EXTERMINATION, AND THEN MOVE ALL PEOPLE OFF THEIR RURAL PROPERTIES INTO CITIES. IT IS PART OF REWILDING THE ENTIRE NATION. I have the maps, and we showed them in our 2 hour “UNFRIEDLY FIRE” VIDEO DOCUMENTARY YEARS AGO. No one wanted to know about it, and those that did mocked it, said it could never happen here. Idiots all. Denial will get you a FEMA camp visit, and you will never come out.

As we have said in a previous post, WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE IRON MOUNTAIN AGENDA, State Department Document 7277 and there is yet another plot to confiscate not only the GUNS, but ALL PRIVATE PROPERTY UNDER AGENDA 21. If you are not familiar with the United Nations agenda to OUTLAW ALL PRIVATE PROPERTY, you need to investigate AGENDA 21. It all goes back to GENOCIDE ON A MASSIVE SCALE, TO REWILD THE PLANET back to the GARDEN OF EDEN. All of these PLANS are coming together.

So what is really going on?

Perhaps this article will help explain what is happening elsewhere and will soon be happening here – and this is why the TRAITORS IN WASHINGTON REALLY NEED THE GUNS AND WHO IS BEHIND ALL OF IT; THE UNITED NATIONS, DANIEL SEVEN’S FINAL BEAST POWER. It is rising in the Great City of Babylon, just as Daniel and Revelation said it would. The Hopi called it the Tower of Mica.

Amid Federal Land Grab in Brazil, Whole Towns Evicted at Gunpoint
Written by Alex Newman

Federal Brazilian police and military personnel, some wearing United Nations insignia, are forcibly relocating whole communities in Brazil at gunpoint under the guise of returning huge tracts of land to a small group of Indians whose ancestors were allegedly there at some point. Thousands of local residents who have lived in the area for decades or were even born there, however, are fighting back, with critics saying the government’s actions smack of Stalinism and may constitute crimes against humanity.

Since the latest controversial operation began in November in the state of Mato Grosso, according to authorities and news reports, citizens opposed to being stripped of their property and homes have been doing everything in their power to stop the assault — setting up road blocks, battling heavily armed federal forces with stones, sticks, and Molotov cocktails, torching government trucks, protesting, and refusing to leave. Others cried as they tore down their own simple houses under armed guard.

Reporters on the scene and even federal lawmakers suspect bloodshed may be near. The government, however, has vowed to expel the communities at any cost, threatening those who refuse to comply with criminal charges and even confiscation of what little remains of their personal property. Rubber bullets, tear gas, and threats of real bullets and prosecution have all been employed to forcibly remove the locals, whom the government continues to dehumanize as “invaders” and “intruders.”Critics and

local residents have accused the government of Brazil of mass corruption, saying the end goal is to smash private property ownership and all potential resistance — starting with the rural population. They argue, among other points, that federal authorities are doing the bidding of foreign interests and are in cahoots with the UN, massive international corporations, Western-based non-governmental organizations like Greenpeace, and other interests.

Now what is that ALL ABOUT? AGENDA 21 and the REWILDING OF THE PLANET. The maps are all out there if one wants to find them for America. They fully intend to do exactly what is happening in Brazil to America-Babylon. I have all the maps. A friend of mine went to the local agricultural unit for the county and found LOCAL REWILDING PLANS already being implemented. I have never seen such a stupid, idiotic group of people as the American people. They must drink denial tea, shower and bathe in denial tea, swim in denial tea, and will never wake up, for as Jeremiah says, “we would have healed Babylon-America, but she would not be healed.”

You must remember that the rich men of the Earth, according to the Bible are TOTALLY INSANE. They are simply biological computers, with no compassion, no love, to mercy and no feelings whatsoever. As Daniel says, “THE WICKED WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND”. It does not matter how much proof you give them, they CANNOT and WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY OF IT. They can murder billions and dance on their graves. You have no idea of how EVIL this is, or what the Bible says about EVIL MEN WAXING WORSE AND WORSE.

The agenda is all these biological robots have. The agenda was laid out in the Georgia Guidestones. A rollback of the population to under ½ billion people WORLD WIDE. After all of this mass genocide the rich men believe they will have restored the Earth back to their utopian dream.

The United Nations is behind all of it. It is a Communist, Marxist, Socialist organization, a Trojan Horse and a total fulfillment of Bible prophecy against the Great City Babylon, New York City in the NEW WORLD, in the EMPIRE STATE if you catch the drift. The charter of the UN is based upon the Soviet Constitution and the NewStates Constitution, a constitution that is waiting in the wings to be OUR NEXT CONSTITUTION AFTER THEY HAVE DESTROYED OUR PRESENT ONE. THERE ARE NO RIGHTS IN THE NEWSTATES CONSTITUTION. None!! The government is all powerful, and there is no right to even ask questions or see what they are doing. It is a total and evil dictatorship, the BEAST OF DANIEL.

Yet the stupid American sleeps on, busy with their idols, busy with their beer and hotdogs. They have no clue as to what is about to hit them. They have sold their children to Satan and don’t even know it. They are cowards who stand for NOTHING and therefore do not deserve a FREE COUNTRY. They deserve exactly what the Lord is about to GIVE THEM.

Another thing – the Lord tells us that at the end, UP is DOWN, RIGHT is WRONG, BLACK is WHITE, etc. That means that no matter how LOGICAL your arguments might be to retain firearms, it will be considered ILLOGICAL. In other words, no matter how correct you might be, the vast majority of people will think you are INCORRECT. We are living in a time of COMPLETE reversal of everything.



  1. I completely understand what Judy discussed. It is heart wrenching every time I listen to the mainstream media, stewart or see the generation being brought up without any standards. I thank God that he has allowed Stewart to write this informative and push us to read, study, watch and pray like have never before. May God bless us.


  2. Stewart…..great article… all who are having a hard time and losing heart…read Psalm 91….Hang on…wait patiently (if that’s possible) and trust the God that created the universe….
    many blessings, jr


  3. Stewart, your writing is a breath of fresh air to this ol’ gal who’s tired of the “rose colored glasses” gang who don’t seem to know their scripture or don’t want to know it! Thank you for your faithfulness even though I know it’s a lonely road! God bless and keep you!


  4. Amen Stew.
    Too bad people in general have chosen to be wilfully ignorant. God’s word has so much to teach us but nobody wants to hear it. And the rich men think they are going to out wit God, really? They should have paid attention to what the Lord said about trying to hide from Him. How sad the whole situation is…


  5. Everything is reversed in my own private life, let alone in the nation. I am aware of the devil’s unrelenting attacks, mostly through people. Of course I have two serious illnesses but I could cope if it were not for “people” attacks. Arguments about little things, showing they have NO realization of the trouble we are in with the Lord. But there is no way to reach them, so why are we trying? Seriously, why are we still trying when, as you put it,
    Stewart, the dice are cast? (I don’t know how to spell “die, dye”). You have told us that the time of reaching people is over, the goats are separating from the sheep…so all I hope for is rescue from the Lord, for those who are His.


    • Mariel, I caught your recent post on LA’s site and wanted to say that my heart goes out to you. I don’t know the story about your son or all of the issues with your health but I do know that Abba loves you and reaches out to enfold you in his arms!! Rest there, Sister, with your head on His shoulder!
      God bless and keep you!!


  6. I totally agree with everything you said Stewart….I don’t know about you but for so long I’ve grieved for my country…but I’m getting to the point where I can’t anymore, nor do I feel sorry for the average guy out there….I work in the school system and you can’t believe what’s going on …..people cannot see…..or will not see…..either way they’re sucking up they’re mai tai’s and pretzels and football for now….why people are not outraged is a question I’ve asked myself over and over. There are no answers other than it is supposed to be this way…..adjusting to that fact has been a long road…and there’s more to come.
    So, those of us that are privileged to see have a hard road but the end is good….for us….not to good for the ones who will not see….all we can do is wait patiently (if that’s possible) warn who and if the Lord guides – watch and wait….many blessings, jr


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