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What Is Truth – Finding Basline Zero – Part Four

November 12, 2014

So here we are and it is what it is – a divide, a rift, a gigantic gulf between THIS world, THIS time-space universe and the KINGDOM OF GOD. Preachers call it the Sin Barrier. I call it the LOVE BARRIER. In reality it is also a DIMENSION BARRIER. Why?

The answer is astoundingly simple – THIS WORLD is a PHYSICAL WORLD, a MATERIAL WORLD, a world of touch, see, feel and smell. Our minds and senses have been constructed and our eyes and ears formed to operate in a PHYSICAL MATERIAL WORLD.

But what if THE KINGDOM OF GOD is a SPIRITUAL WORLD, and is OF THE SPIRIT? As Jesus Christ said, “these things I say unto you, they are SPIRIT, and the FLESH (And the MATERIAL WORLD), PROFITS NOTHING.” Is it this gigantic GULF between the two concepts that is the root of the problem of all modern religions? It appears that there is NO ATTEMPT to BRIDGE THE GAP, to BRING THE TWO CONCEPTS TOGETHER. They all ask you to believe something, to have faith in their concepts. Most of them rely upon law keeping and being good, to obey their various edicts. Well, it is good to be good, keeps you out of trouble. But it does nothing to BRIDGE THE GAP. NOTHING AT ALL. Get over it – no matter how good you think you are, you are not. You are, according to the Good Book, EVIL. Must have something to do with THE FALL OF MAN, do you think? But then again, Jesus may have just been a lunatic, right? Well?

Religions are all based upon believing something, or having faith in something and then obeying their rituals etc. The point is, you can BELIEVE and have FAITH in ANYTHING AT ALL, as we can all witness the multitudes of religions, theologies, isms and philosophies out there. “Take you pick, what makes you feel good, what brings you WORLDLY peace and comfort – embrace it, drink your denial tea and sleep well.”

Are we all so gullible as to think that just because you believe something or have faith in something IT IS TRUTH? Evidently the vast majority of people think so. But FAITH and BELIEF are OF THIS WORLD, or OF OUR CARNAL MINDS. You can believe anything you want in THIS WORLD. But what has that got to do with THE KINGDOM OF GOD? Pilate certainly knew he was dealing with someone totally different from normal, and knew that Jesus was not really like anyone he had ever dealt with, and wondered. His question “WHAT ARE YOU?” is a dead giveaway. “Something is happening here, but what it is ain’t exactly clear” as the modern song says.

Yes, you can believe with all of your heart and mind that the KINGDOM OF GOD EXISTS and IS REAL. Good, for so does Satan and his armies. Not only do they believe it, they KNOW IT FOR A FACT. What does any of that do to BRIDGE THE GAP, to BUILD A BRIDGE TO THE OTHER SIDE, to RECONCILE YOUR`SELF BACK TO GOD? The answer is, NOTHING. This is where the problem is – nothing in modern Christian theology or denominational truths does anything to FORGE A REAL, LITERAL (ALBEIT SPIRITUAL) CONTACT WITH THE OTHER SIDE. “Nothing here,” says Satan, “move on.”As a result, Jesus says to a multitude of Christians “I NEVER KNEW YOU”.

Do you see? You are what you are – and you cannot change your genetics or DNA codes. They are what they are. So one might ask, why be good then? Why be righteous from an earthly perspective? The answer is simple – if you obey “natural law” life goes better for you. You don’t end up in jail or prison or worse, dead. The Good Book is full of reasons why to be “good”, honest and hard-working. In fact, God demands it. The Bible also says that if you are evil, well, you might do well and become rich for a while, but you will end up in a very bad place. Sort of like the mafia and “termination time” because the mafia “papa” decides its curtains for you.

Because mankind fell, the main spiritual connections he has are with the DARK PRINCE, SATAN/DARTH VADER. The reason is that the fall opened up that spiritual doorway, and allows Satan to rule over (to a degree that God allows) the affairs of mankind. Satan is the DARK RULER of the material, physical world and the minds of mankind. He is also SPIRIT. He has a leasehold on Earth, but that is about to expire. The mediums, the mystics, the “crossing over” crowd, the “life after death” concepts are there to fool you, just as all of the New Age and UFO concepts are. They are all satanic to their core, for the Bible says the dead know not anything. So if they know not anything, how can you conjure them up and talk to them?

What these mediums and others are speaking with are demonic spirits that inhabited the person they are trying to contact, and that is why they know all sorts of things about the dead person and mimic them. It is a deception. The human mind is very open to Satan’s spiritual side. That is why the Good Book has many warnings about opening yourself up to them. That is why Satan is called the prince and power of the air (spirit), the ruler of spiritual darkness. We deal, the Good Book says, with spiritual powers in HIGH PLACES, far above the minds of mankind. He is humanities prison keeper, the unseen and invisible ruler of this world. This is why John used the phrase THIS WORLD, they are of THIS WORLD. That alone tells us there is ANOTHER WORLD, and possibly MANY OTHER WORLDS.

Satan, fallen angels, demons, etc. are capable of full manifestation in OUR WORLD even if they come from “the other side”. The same is true for the Lord’s angels. They have tremendous powers, they can appear, vanish in an instant, shape shift into anything they want. For the most part, they remain invisible and work through the minds of fallen humanity, steering the ship to its ultimate destination, which is the total destruction of mankind. They are here to destroy, but use the utopian dream of a “better tomorrow” with higher technology and “secrets”. Ever notice they all propose a NEW WORLD SYSTEM that will make everything OK. Mankind has been prepped for years for the next “evolutionary leap” up to New Age Godhood status, a giant quantum leap into the Golden Age of the Gods, through the UFO enigma and the evolution conspiracy.

When the “arrival” of the ET comes upon us, there will be a rapid “rearrangement” of “religions” and religious belief structures, a new theology will have to be developed. The ETs will bring with them a new concept in philosophies, isms, etc. They will show us new things, new concepts, all new ways of thinking and doing things. Jesus was wrong, of course. There is no need for any redemption, no rescue mission. Those that cannot ‘go along” with the new program will of course, be terminated out of “mercy” and “compassion”. But notice that all of this is IN and OF this world. That’s your clue as to who they really are and what they really want. Alien lollipops might be colorful and taste good, but they are poison.

Demonic powers promise everything FOR THIS WORLD, but deliver nothing but death and ruin. They are here, according to the Book of Enoch and the Bible, to harass, deceive and destroy humankind. They have no other purpose. The UFO enigma is the APEX of this deception. Why? Because these “entities” claim to come from other STAR SYSTEMS, OTHER PLANETS. Remember the entire COSMOS, all of it, is INSIDE THE SPACE-TIME continuum, inside the “box” so to speak, so they too are likewise operating inside this time-space prison “box”. All they offer humanity is a “golden age” inside the box!! They offer no way out! These “fallen ones” know all about the escape route. Their job is to keep you from finding it out. They are very successful at it, by the way.  It is all designed to keep people INSIDE THE BOX. It is called DIVERSION. It keeps you thinking INSIDE THE BOX. Do you see? It is diabolically clever. It is, as I said, OF THIS WORLD.

Ever notice that ANTICHRIST is OF THIS WORLD, and speaks of THIS WORLD. “They are of the world, they speak of the world, and the world hears them” type of thing. New World Order. New World religion. New World economic order. New World political order. ALL OF THIS WORLD. The UFO situation is all about THIS WORLD. They are here to help mankind IN THIS WORLD. Do you see? “We must solve the problems that plague us – we need to fix mankind with computer chips, mind control, new body parts, etc., etc., so he will function in the coming utopian New World Order. The so-called “extraterrestrials” will help us along this golden pathway to ruin.

That is why the Good Book says for you to LEAVE THIS WORLD BEHIND in many, many places. This world is going to be destroyed. There is nothing here but pain, suffering, vanity and ultimate ruin. That is what the strait gate and narrow way are for – your pathway OUT of THIS WORLD. GOD WOULD NOT PROVIDE YOU WITH THIS PATHWAY IF YOU COULD NOT DO IT.

OK, so we know then there are dimensions, and that the Kingdom of God, at least for now, is in another dimension, another place, as it were, and a place hard to imagine because our minds are not built to understand such things – thus like the ant farm and the wise ant – “what’s going on?” remains mostly unanswered for the vast majority of “ants” here. However, what if the man who walked past the ant farm told the ant, “well, there is a lot going on OUT THERE, many worlds, many concepts far beyond you, but here is a book written in Ant language that tells you SOME of what is happening out there.”

Well now the wise ant would take that book and study it with his little pea brain, and if patient enough, would begin to grasp that things were not exactly as they seemed in his little ant farm. Further, he would read that the man had sent INTO THE ANT FARM some other ants that would warn the others that things were not at all what they seemed and that the ant farm was going to be destroyed. The “Good Book” of the ants offered a way out. If one would obey and do as they were told, they would be rescued before the coming and terrible day of destruction.

Well our wise ant remembered that there were some loud mouths warning about something but they were soon dispatched because they were upsetting the collective and its rulers. “Hmmmmm” the ant said. “I wonder if this could be true…” And so it goes…

COULD IT BE TRUE? Could it be that what we see and live in is an aberration and anomaly, as we are told in the Good Book? Or are our minds so attuned to THIS WORLD that we cannot envision or grasp the concept that THIS WORLD is only a temporary place, a quarantined planet because of this aberration? Have you ever wondered about it? That something just might be wrong?

Could it be that this “planet of the living dead” is in fact under a strict quarantine, because of the fall of humanity? That what is going on here is such a total aberration that Earth became a “quarantined” spiritual battleground, a “turf” war between two gigantic spiritual entities? The Good Book says so. It says so in a number of places.  And what if the spiritual entity in charge of this planet does not want you to know or realize there is any war going on, or to find the real truth? After all, the Masons claim there is no knowable truth. But Jesus Christ said there was. Hmmmm, I wonder who I should believe…

What if this entity “blinds the minds of men”, and “deceives the whole world?” What then? Would not the entire tactic be to KEEP YOU A PRISONER, to keep you OCCUPIED in THIS WORLD, so you would not escape to the KINGDOM OF GOD?  Further, to keep you from even wondering about it? To keep you busy, occupied with your various diversions? What if we really are in a SPIRITUAL WAR and humanity is at the center of it? What if this war really is a WAR FOR THE SOULS AND SPIRITS OF HUMANITY? WHAT THEN? Diversion is one of the chief tactics in warfare, as any general will tell you. Sounds like the parable of the sower, you know, the cares and pleasures of THIS WORLD.

It is interesting that many of the “aliens”, it is said by insiders, claim that a person’s body is a “container”. They insist we are nothing but a container. A container holds something. In this case, it appears that these imposters are very interested in what is “inside” these human containers. One might want to ponder the real issue here – the soul and spirit are ethereal in nature, non-material, something we don’t understand but know it is there.  Everyone has an ethereal soul and spirit. Jesus Christ told us that His primary message was one of SPIRIT. Ethereal. Hmmmm…same concept as the “extraterrestrials”. Gee, one might wonder what is so interesting about the soul and spirit with these alien dudes. Maybe to take the souls and spirits AWAY from the Kingdom of God? Maybe a confirmation of a gigantic WAR over each person born on Earth? To see where that soul will end up for eternity? Maybe by DIVERSION from the real issues here? Maybe the diversion is A NEW WORLD, here; now. Just follow the Pied Piper.

Have you ever considered, as a wise person told me, that the world and entire cosmos really is in a BOX? Think of the entire universe as being in a box, under a curse, alone. No matter what you do, no matter how good or evil you are, no matter how right your thoughts or deeds, you are STILL IN THIS UNIVERSE AND WORLD BOX. If scientists search inner space and find the “god particle” they are still in the box, for one cannot escape it. If you search the limits of the cosmos, discover the laws on how it operates, you are STILL IN THE BOX. The Good Book says that the ENTIRE UNIVERSE was subjected to a CURSE AND IS INSIDE THE BOX, and God calls it a “tent”, and is awaiting the “manifestation of the Sons of God” at which point the curse is lifted, and VANITY fades away and the walls of the box are removed. A NEW HEAVEN, a NEW EARTH, a NEW BEGINNING. IS IT POSSIBLE?

OK, so if we are to DRILL DOWN to BASELINE ZERO, it appears we will not find any truth here in THIS WORLD, FOR IF THE WORLD IS VANITY, then all the rest must be vanity as well. In other words, all of the religions, isms, theologies and philosophies of THIS WORLD will not let you OUT OF THE BOX. Do you see? You are a prisoner of the BOX of the time-space continuum.

Job 28: 12-23 says it well:

“But where can wisdom be found? And where is the place of understanding?

13 Man does not know its value, Nor is it found in the land of the living.

14 The deep says, ‘It is not in me’;

And the sea says, ‘It is not with me.’ 15 It cannot be purchased for gold, Nor can silver be weighed for its price. 16 It cannot be valued in the gold of Ophir, In precious onyx or sapphire. 17 Neither gold nor crystal can equal it, Nor can it be exchanged for jewelry of fine gold. 18 No mention shall be made of coral or quartz, For the price of wisdom is above rubies. 19 The topaz of Ethiopia cannot equal it, Nor can it be valued in pure gold.

20 “From where then does wisdom come? And where is the place of understanding?

21 It is hidden from the eyes of all living, And concealed from the birds of the air. 22 Destruction and Death say, ‘We have heard a report about it with our ears.’ 23 God understands its way, And He knows its place.


Ok, if this wisdom and this understanding IS NOT IN THIS WORLD, and not IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING, then the WORLD’S WISDOM IS FOOLISHNESS in search for truth,, and will not allow us to EXIT THE BOX. Does that not prove we have to ESCAPE THE BOX, THE BOX THAT THE EARTH IS IN IS FULL OF VANITY AND FOOLISHNESS. Therefore there be SOME OTHER METHOD OR “WAY” OUT!! Does it not mean that if there is no understanding and no wisdom in this world and that all of the religions, theologies, isms and philosophies out there are also foolishness? WHY?

It says very clearly that God KNOWS the PLACE where WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING reside. It also clearly says that HE KNOWS THE WAY TO GET THERE. It seems that the Good Book’s “I will take you by a WAY you KNOW NOT”, might be true. It makes sense, it is logical that if we are trapped here, and Jesus wanted to RESCUE us out of the trap, He would have to PROVIDE US WITH A WAY OF DOING SO. In other words, this “way” would be something God alone set up actually before the fall of humankind!!

Because everything in THIS WORLD is OF THE WORLD. Real wisdom and real understanding are not found here, ANYWHERE, because THE PLACE OF UNDERSTANDING is in ANOTHER DIMENSION, the dimension of THE SPIRIT that we are cut off from. This is SPIRIT WISDOM, this is SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING. We are back to this gigantic GULF between THIS WORLD and THE KINGDOM OF GOD. It is possible that the Tabernacles, the Holy Temples of ancient Israel showed us something. Just saying, that’s all..

OK, so look at this and ponder it: “Destruction and death say, we have heard a report about it with our ears”. Do you know what it means? Death is the great mystery. Where did my loved ones go? Where are they? Are they OK? So we hope they are, we pray that they are. The point being they have CROSSED OVER through a “portal” to another dimension, a dimension of SPIRIT, that unseen place, a mystery or all mysteries. So are we being told something here about connecting to the other side? Is this why Jesus told us to pick up OUR CROSS and DIE? Is it possible that the ONLY WAY out of this box is via some sort of mysterious DEATH “WAY”? Not a physical death way YET, but nonetheless, a death walk, a walk that REVEALS to the searching ones, their actual condition before their creator? That this way, is a revelation way, a way to SHOW WHO AND WHAT WE REALLY ARE! Is it possible, and could this be the reason why so FEW will even begin to seek it out?

Is it possible that the strait gate and narrow way spoken of Jesus Christ is THE METHOD God uses to REVEAL to a searching person that they are in fact dead? That the “lowest room” that Jesus spoke of is in fact nothing more than the full revelation of our actual and literal position before a LIVING GOD? That the soul must be brought down to this recognition of death so the Lord can actually REASON with that soul and explain WHY they are “dead” to Him? That this is the only pathway OUT OF THE BOX?

If there is no wisdom and no understanding here in THIS WORLD, then one would have to DRILL DOWN to BASELINE ZERO to find it, would they not? Is this why Jesus said that except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die it abides alone? That somehow we are to CROSS OVER, that is, to form a bridge to jump the gulf between the material world and the spirit world? Hence God placed within mankind an escape route, a pathway from the MIND to the INNER HIDDEN, but subconscious heart, the real seat of every person. Is it possible that God, in His infinite wisdom, placed a PORTAL or a DOORWAY right at this INNER HEART PLACE? That the WAY YOU KNOW NOT is actually a journey that DRILLS DOWN to the root of your existence? A journey from the MIND into the deepest realms of the subconscious? A way that ONLY GOD can make happen? Is this why conversions and regeneration are totally different?

Now if you were Satan, and humanity was your prisoner, what would you do about this bridge, this connection and the way to get there? You would MOCK IT, DENY IT, and say that anyone who even suggested such a thing was an insane, off the wall idiot. “It simply could not be”, or “The Bible does not even suggest such a thing…” Really? It seems that modern Christian theology total denies such a bridge, such a way. Their concept is to simply believe, have faith, be good, think right thoughts, etc. There is NO BRIDGE, THERE IS NO CROSS, NO DEATH, NO PIT, NO REVELATION, NO MEETING OF YOUR CREATOR. There is no “come and let us reason together…” There is NOTHING HERE. The Lord says, if you are actually listening, “THERE IS NOTHING HERE, MOVE ON, COME, LET US REASON TOGETHER…” Modern Christianity is all IN AND OF THE BOX, and provides NO WAY OUT. It is a LIE, a DECEPTION.

Notice also that wisdom and understanding appear to exist in A PLACE. A location NOT of this world and not inside the box, and yet… OK, so let’s “reason together”, inasmuch as God is speaking, I wonder if He is referring to HIS KINGDOM? Ponder that one for a while, if you will. Jesus said that the Kingdom of God was WITHIN YOU. What did He mean by that? It is A PLACE. A LOCATION, evidently the location of the portal, the gateway, the “door”. God knows THE WAY, and the LOCATION. Death and Hell must therefore be the meeting place to discuss the matter and “let us reason together”. The strait gate and narrow way then become more interesting to the seeker of truth. Why would the Lord ask us to enter in and walk a walk? Why would He tell us to DIE? Could it be that when one descends into the LOWEST ROOM or PIT OF DEATH that we must go there to find TRUE UNDERSTANDING and TRUE WISDOM? Is that NOT what God said? Only death and hell KNOW THE TRUTH. That otherwise we will never find it? And then if we NEVER FIND IT AND DIE, what then?

The Call of Wisdom

20 Wisdom calls aloud outside; She raises her voice in the open squares. 21 She cries out in the chief concourses,[b] At the openings of the gates in the city She speaks her words: 22 “How long, you simple ones, will you love simplicity? For scorners delight in their scorning, And fools hate knowledge. 23 Turn at my rebuke; Surely I will pour out my spirit on you; I will make my words known to you.

24 Because I have called and you refused, I have stretched out my hand and no one regarded, 25 Because you disdained all my counsel, And would have none of my rebuke,

26 I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your terror comes, 27 When your terror comes like a storm, And your destruction comes like a whirlwind, When distress and anguish come upon you.


Bad stuff here. Warnings here, there and everywhere. Could it be that the Bible actually came from another dimension? Mathematicians marvel at the mathematical construction of the Bible, no matter what language is used. Now many people attempt to claim, for example, that Paul was an imposter, a form of antichrist, a liar and a deceiver – and yet the mathematical precision is all right there in Paul’s writings as well. Why? Think on that one.

So let’s drill down a bit further here. What IF the MIND is all of THIS WORLD, but the INNER HEART OF MAN is really a PLACE of meeting the OTHER WORLD, that is, a place that the Creator made especially because He knew we would fall, and so designed us in such a way to give us a way to build a BRIDGE? a “WAY” to find “home”. Sort of like a WORMHOLE, a TUNNEL of some sort to God’s Kingdom. But you have to journey to the subconscious, the inner hidden heart to find the “gate” to the wormhole.

There is a country western song called “To build a bridge”. It speaks of “love can find a way, love can build a bridge, don’t you think it’s time, don’t you think it’s time?” Funny how the songs of this world often relate in a strange way to the gospel of Christ! There is a BRIDGE. Jesus gave us a way. It is called the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY. It is the bridge between the MIND and INNER HIDDEN HEART. It is the BRIDGE between this world and the Kingdom of God. It is the only way, for none other was given to us. It was grace that brought it. Jesus said that he who heard His words and did them was wise, and he that heard them and did not do them was foolish. I think I read somewhere that he commanded us to ENTER IN. Do you think He was fooling or did He know something we don’t? Ponder that one as well.

The Mason’s in their book called “A BRIDGE to LIGHT” use the New Age rainbow bridge. They are mocking God. In there they claim there is no KNOWABLE truth, no way to be certain. Truth is what you say it is. Their bridge is a bridge to world socialism, a New Age concept of utopia, and all of it is OF THIS WORLD.  The real bridge of the Lord is so strange even Hollywood could never dream it up. It is the protocol for meeting your Creator. Refuse it, and you will meet Him only to be rejected. While all of this is difficult, anyone can do it if they so choose to. It is a FREE WILL CHOICE. You have God on your side, for Paul said “If God be for us, who can be against us?” The Creator asks us if we think His arm is too short to save us? Sort of mocking our doubts about all of this.

So now when you go to bed at night, do you wonder if the Sun will rise in the morning? When you get into your car, do you think it will break down part way to work? The point being we take these things for GRANTED. But what they really are is TOTAL FAITH, TOTAL BELIEF. If you did not believe the Sun was ever going to rise again, and that was your last night on this planet, well, you might do some soul-searching, reach out, make amends, etc. But you know better, THE SUN WILL RISE. That is what FAITH really is about. TOTAL BELIEF. You have it, you just don’t know it. Take the same concept and apply it to the GOOD BOOK. The Creator says so, so it MUST BE TRUE. IT IS REALLY THAT SIMPLE. True faith is a dynamic that moves you through all of this to the other side. If God said so, that is all I need.

So two things here – build a bridge, believe God. So we can bring all of this down to that. Profound things are simple things. So let’s drop off all of our male Bovine droppings and get with the program.

Comments are always welcome. Fire away….



What Is Truth – Finding Baseline Zero – Part Three

November 10, 2014

While humanity claims that life here on Earth is “normal” and just is what it is, the wise men of the world have always pondered the question as to WHY IT IS WHAT IT IS. They looked around at the world and saw all of the sorrow, doubts, fears, violence, wars, murders, rapes, torture etc., etc., and said to themselves “is this the way it has to be?” “What can we do to make things better?” “Can we fix mankind, can we, through governments or “isms”, religions or philosophies find a human utopia?” Can we somehow regulate or fix the human being and make him into something he is not? Could we, if we study the brain, the final frontier, could we modify the “quirks” or the tendency to do evil? Could we insert a computer chip into the brain and control each person? Can we regulate human behavior in such a way, by total control over every move, every thought, every feeling that we can then have our ‘New World’.

“If we could do that, and if we could control the number of people on the planet, and cull the herd by various methods so we don’t get caught, then with both behavior control and population control we can have an absolute utopia.”

The answer to all of the above of course, is NO, not really. Every attempt to “regulate” and “control” people via various governmental types has utterly failed. Socialism of various types murder millions in the name of peace and remove all dissent and thereby cull the herd. The worldly answer of the New World Order is to gain total and complete control via a computerized world, a technology that Hitler and Stalin would have rejoiced over. Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars envisioned a world of total control via chipping every member of the human race, which then allows for total surveillance and control. It is a form of trans-humanism. The Good Book says that this is the final apex of human society – a totally controlled human race, enslaved and monitored from birth to death, culling out anyone who “might” cause a problem to the peace and security of the elite.

Thus the “fix” for the human race is total surveillance and total control of a “modified” humanity”. In other words, this is a total admission that something really is wrong with humanity or you would not have to resort to such tactics in the first place. The concept that somehow man is “good” and “loving” is proven to be a falsehood, embraced only by people who are in total denial of what is really going on. Denial is nothing but a refusal to face obvious facts. No one can say that murder, rape, torture, theft, corruption and all the rest as “good” and “loving deeds” so why does humanity indulge themselves in those things? Humanity is plagued with evils, and in fact this world, viewed without rose-colored glasses is ONE EVIL PLACE. WHY? IS THIS NORMAL OR AN ABERRATION?

So I asked the question, IS IT POSSIBLE that what we have here, what we observe from birth to death, is NOT NORMAL at all, but is some form of horrible anomaly, an aberration caused by something long ago? I brought forward the concept that if the Universe that we live in, the nature of things here on Earth in the soul and spirit realm appears to be running contrary to how our universe actually runs, as though some sort of “curse” has been applied, that the forces of good and the forces of evil appear to be in a constant war, the ying-yang concept that appears to be a “constant”. What is up without a down? What is “normal” without an “abnormal”? What is good without an evil?

In other words, it is almost impossible for us to imagine a world where those questions are pointless, have no meaning whatsoever. But what if such a place exists, and further it is THE NORMAL? In other words, what if the FOUNDATIONS of our existence, that is, the POWERS THAT UPHOLD OUR UNIVERSE and control it in the unseen invisible background, are run by LOVE AND HARMONY that we have been CUT OFF from? What then? You better ponder that one as well.

What if there really is A SPIRIT of tremendous POWER that upholds the physical or material world we live in and it is a SPIRIT OF LOVE? Of harmony, love unknown, of good and peace? The Good Book tells us there is a such a place, and it is called THE KINGDOM OF GOD, the actual creator of TIME, SPACE, ENERGY, MATTER, LIFE AND SPIRIT. What if the Good Book is actually the truth behind everything there is?

Well, if it is true, then what happened? Certainly we have glimpses of love, peace and harmony, but only rare ones; fleeting ones at that. So what happened? What if there was some form of FALL FROM GRACE that CUT US OFF from the CREATOR and HIS KINGDOM? What if THIS WORLD is not the REAL WORLD, but rather a total aberration and an anomaly, a world of confusion, spiritual and mental chaos and violence to the point of self-destruction?

This question as to our existence here as NORMAL or ABNORMAL is the key to understanding the concept of a BASELINE ZERO. When we view LIFE, we also view DEATH. Everything living DIES. WHY? Does it not appear to you to be total vanity? Here today, gone tomorrow. A wisp of smoke, a vapor in the wind. Actually then, if we embrace the concept that everything here is “normal” and “what it should be”, then we must also embrace total vanity, for of what meaning is life at all? As Stephen Hawking attempts to explain, we do not need a “creator”, this entire universe just popped up totally by chance. Thus there is no ultimate meaning whatsoever. There cannot be any REAL meaning in such a concept, because all is vanity. CHANCE = VANITY. Thus VANITY = NO MEANING. It simply is what it is, get over it.


It appears that within the human soul (and all animal, sea and plant life as well), a powerful desire to LIVE and not DIE. WHY? What difference would it make if all of this is by chance? Why would there be any type of “fight for life” within? Further, as science unlocks the keys of DNA and GENETICS, it is obvious there is a terribly important “design” to it all. One can look at a Swiss watch and marvel at the engineering of it all. One can view a computer and marvel at how ones and zeros can bring such marvelous things to the modern world. We know these items are built by “intelligent design” because we know humanity built them, and we consider ourselves intelligent beings. We know signs of intelligence – so if a Swiss watch or a computer is such a marvel, why do we argue about a human being that is quadrillion times MORE complex and say it all happened “by chance”. The only answer is rank DENIAL…

At the same time, one will observe a leaf from a Maple or Oak tree and not even see the intricate design, far more complex than anything humanity has ever built. The same is true when you observe any animal, any insect, any fish, any living thing, and for some reason, even with the most complex and intricate designs of them all, we dismiss totally that these could have “designed” by a greater intelligence. Even when we have scientific laws such as the law of homogensis staring us in the face.

Science cannot present even ONE variance from that law, that LIKE BEGETS LIKE unless there is “outside” interference. A carrot plant producers other carrots. A tomato a tomato. On and on. No exceptions to the rule unless an outside intelligence interferes with the DNA and genetic codes built within. The so-called junk DNA is not junk after all, and evolution as taught is not evolution at all, but wide ranging adaptation within family lines.

Now science says that all DNA has the same number of “switches”. Turn off some, turn on others. We get different things with each combination. WHY? Exactly how did this total DNA piano with all of the keys come into being in the first place? How did it suddenly appear out of the primordial soup presto bingo and WHO is turning on and off the switches to produce a “Betty” or a “Danny” or a dog or a cat or whatever? In point of fact the evolutionist has no answer. His or her answer is often, “OVER TIME, GIVEN ENOUGH TIME”. That is a totally absurd answer and a total cop-out and a denial to face the real evidence. It defies the scientific law of homogenesis which stands as mute testimony FOR a CREATOR or “intelligent design”.

And then we have on top of that the “The Second Law of Thermodynamics” in which everything basically disintegrates over time. Your new car over the years becomes a rust heap. You are born, reach your peak potential and then slowly fade away. There are no exceptions. The law of thermodynamics totally confirms the Good Book as both a CURSE and why ALL IS VANITY AND YOU LOSE. So then we have to ask the question, WHO stands BEHIND THESE LAWS? WHO enforces them? You cannot have a law that is of any consequence unless the LAW GIVER will also ENFORCE THAT LAW.

Science really simply studies all of this, discovers “this law” and “that law”. Such as “gravity”. Have you ever wondered why a chair, for example, remains a chair? Why does it not turn into a tree or a table or some other product? Obviously if we have laws that sustain and uphold all of this, SOMEONE or SOMETHING MUST BE, HAS TO BE STANDING BEHIND IT TO ENFORCE IT ALL. All one has to do is look behind the curtain of existence to find the Wizard of Oz. In other words, you must DRILL DOWN through the things of this world to explore the NEXT. And what if the NEXT REAL WORLD is not a physical, material place as we know it, but one of SPIRIT?

What we are dealing with here is TOTAL DENIAL. A refusal to seek answers that are totally outside the box. A refusal to deal with the obvious. Because we do not like the answers we refuse to look further. We deny rather than really investigate with an open mind and open heart. We, for some reason, do not want to know the ultimate answer. And that is another clue that THE GOOD BOOK could be right! Could it be that we don’t want to know because humanity really is fallen and in total rebellion (however unconscious), against the real Creator? Perhaps this is the reason that when people curse, they us the name of God or Jesus. Have you ever heard anyone say “Satan damn it’? or EVER use the term Satan or Lucifer as a swear word? Are we being told something here of some invisible, and perhaps UNKNOWN DIMENSION in which a real and violent war is on for ownership of humanity? If not, why only the name of God the Father or His Son? You might want to ponder that one awhile.

All of this points only in one direction. An intelligence of vast proportions designed and built the universe we live in. The Law of Homogenesis demands it. He who gave us a brain must have one. He who gave us eyes, must be able to see. He who gave us ears must be able to hear and on and on it goes. There is no escape from any of this, but there is massive DENIAL and refusal to face the obvious.                WHY?

The Good Book tells us that the entire creation is under several curses and those have subjected the entire creation to VANITY. The laws spoken of before ARE those CURSES. The Bible tells us that those curses WILL BE LIFTED at the “manifestation of the Sons of God”. In other words, what appears to be “normal” to us, who must live under these curses, IS a total aberration, an anomaly never meant to be. Now we come to another problem – temporal (because of the aforementioned curses), or ETERNAL with NO CURSES.

In other words, the world was NEVER to be what it is. Humanity was NEVER MEANT to be subjected to total vanity. Humanity was SEVERED from his Creator at the fall. The fall was real, VERY REAL. It is not mythology, it not an old wives tale. While we may not understand the totality of what it meant, the results of it are all around us. The fall of humanity answers EVERY question a person might have when asking WHY? It really does. WHY does mankind fight and war and turns to the most horrific of tortures? WHY does mankind rape, murder, steal? WHY does mankind need police and militaries? WHY do nations attempt to undermine their neighbors? WHY do the “isms”, philosophies, religions WAR and KILL MILLIONS? WHY? The Good Book tells you why. It is the only Book that lays it all out for you.

Mankind fell and ingested in some manner, a knowledge he was not supposed to have within. Ingestion altered the DNA and genetic makeup, subjected mankind to external and internal curses, caused some form of SPIRITUAL DEATH and a total CUT OFF from his Creator and cast him into a no man’s land of pain, suffering, vanity and utter hopelessness. It appears to me that the “rich men of the Earth”, you know, the elite forces, are attempting to get back to a “paradise lost” through the power of money and technology, hence the push towards trans-humanism, the merger of machine and man. Along with this push is the constant tampering with DNA and genetic codes. It is interesting that the Bible said this would happen just before the “manifestation of the Sons of God”.

Humanity is always searching for this utopia that somehow thinks is “out there” somewhere, hence this unconscious search is the root of all of the “isms”, “religions”, “philosophies”. They are nothing but an attempt to solve the problem of “paradise lost”. Humanity KNOWS something is wrong, just pretends it isn’t. I personally do not know ANYONE that is not attempting to make their life “better” or has hopes for “a better future”. Do you?           WHY IS THAT? Why are we not totally content? Why are we always looking for something better? Better in what way? “I have issues, I need to work on!” WHY? Why do you have any issues at all? Ever wonder about that?

Once a soul begins to comprehend that something is really wrong here, and somehow has always known they “don’t fit in” or “something is wrong here” but never did anything about it, but now there is a restlessness of the soul and spirit, then that SOUL WILL BEGIN TO DRILL DOWN TO BASELINE ZERO. Once we begin to realize that civilization as we know it could not possibly be “normal” but rather “abnormal” and an aberration, then that soul can begin to extricate themselves from this mess called Earth. They can then begin to DRILL DOWN and find the ULTIMATE TRUTH BEHIND ALL THERE EVER WAS, IS NOW AND EVER WILL BE. One will, if they in truth seek it out, inquire within, search it out with all due diligence, FIND the ULTIMATE TRUTH.

Pilate did not realize it at the time, but the ULTIMATE TRUTH was STANDING BEFORE HIM in the LONE FIGURE OF JESUS CHRIST. Within this lone individual who walked the dusty roads of Judea was a SPIRIT BEING that came to us from the ETERNAL. Came to us to tell us what was really wrong. He knew He would be hated, reviled and murdered, but came anyway because the HIS LOVE required this mission behind enemy lines. He first loved us before any of us could love him. He came to set humanity free. He did so under a little known law called “Kinsman Redeemer Law”. He took on the form of humanity and walked among us.

He told us mankind walked in “darkness” and was a prisoner. He was held captive by his own nature and had a jail keeper called Satan, that “old serpent” that deceives the human race. Do you know anyone who is not subjected to the curse of age and death? So then, what really is this BASELINE ZERO we keep speaking of, and HOW do I drill down to find it? BASELINE ZERO is the answer that Pilate wanted to know from Jesus Christ, that is what IS the ULTIMATE TRUTH behind all of life, behind our very existence?


The love we have within us is a very damaged and selfish love. It is self-centered. It is a manipulative love. It desires to be fed. It is a very conditional love, with many conditions. “I will love you IF” and then we list our ifs. Somehow, however, we KNOW that love is the answer. It is what we all seek. We really do want someone to love us for WHO WE ARE, not for what we can do for them. We want to be held and comforted. LOVE MAKES US BLOSSOM AND UNFOLD AS A FLOWER. It brings out the real gifts and abilities that each person has. LOVE is the ultimate power to make us flourish.

The opposite of this is obvious. Love withheld, love denied, and the absence of love make us wilt, we withdraw, we become hurt and throw up “walls” to shield us. These walls once thrown up are almost impossible to destroy. So we ignore the pain, tell everyone we are “fine” and “good” when the real truth is the opposite, but we are afraid to admit it. To avoid looking within, we turn to DIVERSIONS, like sex, booze, sports and all forms of idols or whatever we can dream up. We keep busy so we don’t have to look within for it is painful to do so.

The point being is that we KNOW that LOVE IS THE ANSWER, and we all also KNOW that we do not LOVE AS WE OUGHT. We KNOW this FORCE OF LOVE is damaged, not at all what it should be. WE KNOW IT, but we have no idea what to do about it, or if there is anything that we CAN do about it. It is like a mystery, something missing, something lost, something not “right” but we cannot put our finger on it. It makes us restless. We are uneasy. We bury all of this with our work, games and idols. We all know that within us there is something “missing”. WHY? WHAT IS IT?

What is missing is what we lost at the fall. What is missing is DIVINE LOVE. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, A LOVE SO VAST, SO DEEP AND SO TRUE WE CANNOT FATHOM IT. We were cut off from it. Adam and Eve subjected the entire human race to spiritual death and ruin. We have no real compass. So we wander around in denial, pretend all is well and hope against all hope. It is all vanity, for in vanity there is NO HOPE or we could say, a FALSE HOPE. The Good Book tells us that Jesus told us that the vast majority of people die NOT KNOWING their real condition of being LOST. They die with a FALSE HOPE.

Now we come to another important item to be considered. The concept of the TEMPORAL and the concept of ETERNAL. There is a great misunderstanding of what “eternal” actually means. Most would say eternal is “endless time”, or “time without end”. Eternal in reality is the total absence of time, a place where there is NO TIME AT ALL. We cannot fathom such a place because our minds are constructed to work within time and space. So now another important question – is the soul of man, the spirit of man ETERNAL or TEMPORAL? The Good Book says our souls and spirits are ETERNAL. Scientific experiments have not only proven but have photographed what appears to be a SOUL/SPIRIT leaving the body at death. It appears as a “mist” or some form of ethereal being.

Many “after death” reports, of people who “died” but were brought back to life report leaving their bodies and watching the doctors and nurses working to revive them. Many report going through a tunnel of some sort which is really a “portal” or a form of “gateway” to the dimension of the eternal. So now we have to ask a very important question here: If our soul and spirit are eternally alive, where does it go when it leaves the physical body and leaves this material universe?

The Good Book tells us, but we do not want to hear the answer. The Good Book is a legal indictment from the Kingdom Of God’s Court. We are born CRIMINALS. We are born into a temporal world as liars, deceivers and real enemies of the REAL Creator. We hate Him with a passion, but do not realize it, for this hatred lies deep within the inner unconscious heart, often called the inner heart, the hidden man. It is this hidden heart, deep within that is in rebellion, and very subtly influences the conscious mind to invent religions, isms and philosophies, all of which are attempts to circumvent the real truth and the offense of the cross of Jesus Christ. It is this deep hidden heart of humanity that KNOWS the real truth, and this knowledge brings about the “restlessness” or “disquieting” of our lives. We know something is not quite right, but we cannot put our finger on it – it remains, as the Bible says, the mystery of iniquity or the mystery of “evil”.

So in order to escape this, we become “busy”, and we are in and of this world and what it offers us 95%, but that 5% of “not sure” is always with us, nagging us, disquieting our lives. It surfaces when someone close to us passes on that we are made to face this 5% of “the mystery” of life. Humanity invents all sorts of beliefs and religions and concepts so they do not have to face the mystery. We put our faith and trust in this “religion” or that concept or ism. I have had to deal with people who are facing deaths door, and it is then that many will finally admit there is a problem, and will often say something like “how do I get right with my Creator”? THEY KNEW ALL ALONG THAT SOMETHING WAS WRONG, BUT REFUSED TO FACE IT.

Now is the time to FACE IT, to OWN UP, to BELLY UP TO THE BAR, BOYS, and let’s have a frank discussion. As Joan Rivers would say, “Can we talk?”

“Come now, and let us reason together,” Says the Lord, “Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, They shall be as wool.

Isaiah 1:18 NKJV

Two things you must understand here, two things I know for an absolute fact. The first is, your Creator LOVES YOU with a love you cannot even begin to fathom. It does not matter what you have done, no matter how evil or wicked you have been. It does not matter how young or old you are. It does not matter if you are a king or pauper. NOTHING MATTERS. HIS LOVE FOR YOU IS TOTALLY UNCONDITIONAL.

However, having said that, you must also understand there is GULF between you and your Creator. Between HIS WORLD and your world. Preachers call it THE SIN BARRIER. In reality it is a LOVE BARRIER, but even more a dimensional barrier.

The love of the Creator is so different from our loves there is no comparison. His ways are not our ways, His ways are ABOVE AND BEYOND our ways. This barrier is also a DIMENSIONAL BARRIER, however there is an INNER PORTAL, deep within humanity’s inner hidden heart that can be opened. When Jesus Christ came into this world it was God reconciling Himself to THIS WORLD and FALLEN HUMANITY. Reconciliation HAS TO BE, MUST BE, A TWO WAY STREET. So if God has reconciled Himself to the world via the CROSS OF CHRIST, how then does humanity reconcile themselves BACK TO GOD? No one seems to want to answer that question, but answer it we must.

Jesus told us there is ONLY ONE WAY that can take place – it is called the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY. It is an “incredible journey” that takes a person from their conscious mind all the way in to the INNER HEART, and that PORTAL TO HEAVEN. Notice it says that the person MUST OPEN THE DOOR to their heart and let Christ in. This STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY are, in point of fact, the only way humanity can DRILL DOWN TO BASELINE ZERO. There is no other way offered. This is it. Belief does not cut it, nor does faith, because one can believe or have faith in anything. The religions of the world prove that. Belief and faith in what Jesus told us is the dynamic force used to propel us to search out the truth, and find it. Belief and Faith in the Word as being TRUE then persuades us to be obedient and search God out.

The reconciliation pathway IS the strait gate and narrow way, for it is the only way into the inner heart. If you do not DRILL DOWN via this method to the portal doorway you cannot even hear Christ knocking, nor will He show you HIS LOVE TYPE so you can compare it with yours. In point of fact there is no comparison. This IS Baseline Zero. WHEN YOU OPEN THE DOOR, YOU ARE MEETING ULTIMATE TRUTH, and HE IS JESUS CHRIST, the very one standing in front of Pilate.

It is here, at BASELINE ZERO that this truth of WHO YOU ARE, and WHO GOD REALLY IS where it all jells down to the most profound meeting of the minds you will ever experience. It is here that the TWO DIMENSIONS come together. It is here that the two worlds meet and reason together. It is here that your sins are forever washed away and you are made white as pure wool. IT IS HERE, and HERE ALONE that you RECONCILE YOURSELF back to God by acceptance of HIS LOVE. It is here and here alone that you see and understand that this world is a total aberration and horrific anomaly. It is here and here alone that brings true repentance as you give up your loves and embrace His. It is here and here alone where you will recognize what a total deception modern Christian salvation theology really is.

There is a story told by John Lear on the Art Bell program some time ago, but it helps us to understand what is going on here:

“There was this ant farm. The ants were all very busy doing their thing, and reasoned among themselves that “it is what it is” and their world was the only world there was and ever would be. One day a very wise ant happened to look out as this man walked by. The ant said to the man, “What’s going on?” The man stopped and said, “what”?

The ant asked again, “What’s going on?”

The man replied, “you would not understand, it’s a big world out there, many, many, things far beyond anything you can relate to or understand from your perspective. I cannot explain it to you, so what is the use? You could not relate to any of it, it is so different from anything you know…” and the man turned and walked away.

The ant was perplexed and troubled by this exchange. What could be so different and so mysterious that the ant, with his miniature pea brain could not grasp? There was no answer, and so the wise ant simply returned to his duties and did not inquire anymore.”

So you see we are the ant. The man is the Creator. Our world is not THE ONLY WORLD. OUR DIMENSION IS NOT the only DIMENSION. Our LOVES are not the ONLY LOVES. It’s a BIG, BIG, WORLD OUT THERE, and ones we really know NOTHING about. Do you see? The Bible, however, gives us SOME OF THE ANSWERS about the big world out there.

The second thing is, THE TRUTH IS THERE FOR YOU TO FIND IF YOU REALLY WANT TO. The problem is, you must really, really, really want to find it, else you will not, for to find the real truth of the SPIRIT OF GOD, you must leave this world and the SPIRIT OF SATAN, your prison keeper, and Satan will do anything he can to stop you.

I brought this up in one of the other blogs – Satan pretends he does not even exist, but if one really decides to seek out the truth with all of their heart, mind, soul and strength, suddenly Satan will come softly to you, and does so via friends, loved ones, relatives, pastors or priests, husbands or wives, children or grandchildren, grandparents, your employer or friends at work, and will often attempt, in any they can dream up, to STOP YOU FROM THIS “INVESTIGATION” OF YOURS into the meaning of life. Satan is clever, and uses those closest to your life to “influence” you AWAY from your endeavors to find BASELINE ZERO. Count on it, it will happen, which is why Jesus told you to COUNT THE COST.

It is totally amazing to me to watch this happen. Job loss, job promotion, illness, ANYTHING to stop you. Satan is real, and he wants to keep you in THIS WORLD, and does not want you to be investigating any of this. The Good Book tells us all about how Satan works in the parable of the sower.

  1. The first obstacle thrown up is to prevent you from understanding the Bible. Before this happens, Satan attempts to make you think OR feel that the Bible is a book of “non-interest” to you. If that fails, and you insist on reading it, then it will appear as nothing anyone can understand at all, so why bother? The verses are confusing, hard to remember even if you read the same verse over and over. The Good Book says that Satan’s spiritual folks come to you and “snatch away” any Word that might have meaning to you. You must plow through this initial obstacle and NEVER QUIT. There really are demonic forces out there.
  2. The second obstacle to overcome is what is termed the “Great Joy” crowed with modern Christianity as the best of examples. It is an all positive gospel of “salvation”. It is the modern faith and belief gospel of salvation. Simply believe, have faith, say a simple prayer and you are written in the Book of Life and you are “heaven bound”. This obstacle is what traps millions and millions of Christians, and they are called “the many” who stand before Jesus Christ totally rejected at the judgment. In other words, Satan has invented through his dupes that we call preachers, teachers and evangelists WHO PREACH ANOTHER GOSPEL of salvation that looks, feels and seems “right”, but is a total lie and leads to total rejection by God. There are many warnings about these folks scattered all over both the Old and New Testament.
  3. If all of that fails, then another obstacle appears – the cares and pleasures of this world. Notice THIS WORLD. That is a clue that THIS WORLD is a PRISON and has a PRISON KEEPER. All of your cares and pleasures of this world are called OBSTACLES. This includes families, relatives, loved ones, jobs, hobbies, idols, whatever that keeps you IN this world, occupies most of your time, AND prevents YOU FROM DRILLING DOWN TO BASELINE ZERO. It is here that others will TURN BACK.

Jesus said you must love Him, that is, THE TRUTH BEHIND IT ALL, more than anything else, or you WILL turn back from your search for the REAL TRUTH, or BASELINE ZERO. When we are born into this world, we are OF this world. We grow up and we live in THIS WORLD. To us it is what it is, and we all think of it as NORMAL. It is not normal at all – it is a total aberration that at the end, reveals we were eternally dead before our creator and did not know it. Jesus said “let the dead bury their own dead”. He was referring to all of humanity, born spiritually dead to God The Father, but very much alive to this world and Satan’s rule, but totally unaware of that fact.

  1. It is THE GOOD GROUND FOLKS, with an honest and SINCERE HEART that wants to find the truth above all else, THAT DOES SO WITH PATIENCE. It take time, time for the Lord Himself to DRILL DOWN TO YOU, and YOU DRILL DOWN TO HIM. You meet in the middle in the INNER HEART, THE HIDDEN HEART. Here it is:

Revelation 3:20

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.


This “door” is actually a PORTAL that lies within the deepest regions of the heart, known as the inner heart of man. You do not know this place, but it is here that your life is run by this “unseen man” you are totally unconscious of. It is here that the hidden “you” sits in royal splendor, running the affairs of your being. It is here that this “door” or “portal” was placed by the Creator to allow you to “escape” to the Kingdom of God. This is what the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY are all about – a walk to the “other side”, where THIS WORLD and THE KINGDOM of God can MEET and REASON TOGETHER. It is not fooling. It is here that God actually does REASON WITH YOU. You don’t love, HE DOES, and therefore, what do you want to do about it? It is simple, profound and totally necessary for salvation, for this is, in reality, a LOVE TYPE EXCHANGE. It is where true repentance takes place, where GODLY SORROW leads to a REPENTANCE NOT TO BE REPENTED OF.

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What Is Truth – Finding Baseline Zero – Part Two

October 30, 2014


In part one of this series I pointed out how religions, isms, philosophies, and their resultant “theologies” appear to be the root cause of all of the wars and mass murders on this forsaken planet we call Earth, prison-house of humanity – held captive in time-space, living on a quarantined planet, destined to trouble all the days of their probation that we call lives. I asked WHY? Does anyone ever stop to ask WHY? What is wrong here? Is this just “normal”, or are we all actually in some sort of aberration, some sort of anomalous situation that really was never meant to be? In other words, is what is transpiring upon this planet, now for eons, normal or abnormal? Have you ever asked that question?

I pointed out that no matter what philosophy of life one embraces, no matter what “ism” or theology, no matter what religion, the embraced appears to think that is a “truth” to them, and will often fight and die for that truth. Each one embraces some sort of “belief structure” that is in essence “their God”, even if they don’t believe it. I pointed out how thought structures form pathways in the brain, and the more the thoughts run in their pathways, the deeper they carve out rivulets first, then valleys, and finally a deep ravine, and the mind is unable to depart from that thought structure, becomes captive to it, unable to escape, and most often does not want to. In other words, the “isms”, philosophies, religions or whatever you wish to call them become entrenched, become “truths” and those “truths” are what control that person. Hence to a communist, Marxist or Fabian Socialists, that is their God, their “truth” and all others are either ignorant, stupid or are not worthy of life. They therefore become “enemies” and have to be dealt with.

This is what has happened to America now. Obama is a communist/Marxist even if people cannot recognize it for what it is. Harry Reid and his ilk likewise have simply changed their name to “progressives” but it means the same thing. To them, the nation we once knew must be radically changed and altered into the “New World Order” Fabian/Chinese socialist model. Anyone who does not agree with that is then the “enemy”, and as the Georgia GuideStones tell us, the population of Earth must be culled down to one half billion – and held there in an Iron Mountain perpetual sustainable balance with nature.

This is their “ism”, this is their God, and they fully intend to serve him to the fullest. So then, what is different about today’s mass (will be) murderers and their plans and their agendas than those of the past? Than those of China and Mao, Russia and Stalin or Pol Pot? Is it not identical? How do they condemn all of that and plan the same thing? The justifications for such culling may change, but that it is all it is, false justifications, false rationales. It is what it is. However, the rich men, the elite ought to know, more than any others, that what goes around comes around. There is, according to the Good Book, a culling of the elite. And that ALSO is what it is. So what does of this chaos within humanity mean?

I deduce it means that Jesus Christ was absolutely correct when He said mankind was a fallen creature, and that what appears to us as perfectly normal is a total aberration to what was supposed to be. Nature itself, as science has proven time and time again, does not run amok. For every action, there is a reaction – in spite of what science now says, there is no such thing as CHAOS, there is only what appears to be chaos. The entire universe is run under strict laws. The construct of the atom is identical to the construct of the spirit – it is always the negative in motion, the positive is always steady state. Good and love simply are, unmovable, steady, constant. Evil and hatred are always in constant motion, always moving, always probing, always looking to expand their influence and destruction. You can take that construct and apply it to spiritual/soul things. They are identical. WHY?

Humanity really thinks they are something special, what with all of this high technology and stuff like that and their shining cities that glisten in the darkness, islands of light when viewed from aloft. As a professional aviator, I flew into New York City thousands of times. It was always strange to me that New York, called The Great City Babylon in the Good Book, has atop one of the wall street buildings, a gigantic fully lit 666 on top of it. As Captain I would point it out to the first officers as we came in for our approach. I would say “See the 666? Wall Street. Don’t you think it odd that 2000 years ago we were all told about it? 666. Number of the Beast, a number tied directly to commerce and money and the enslavement of the human race”. How did the Good Book know all of that? You might want to ponder all of that as well. How is it that a book, written over a thousand plus years, by different authors, has a mathematical continuity so great that the world’s greatest mathematicians sit in stunned silence. Not to mention the Bible codes, or that every human being ever born on this planet is named in that book as well. How is that possible? Don’t you think it is a bit odd? Does it not stir up your brain atoms even a little?

In point of fact, the odds of this continuity, from author to author, over 1000 years of span proves via mathematics that the Good Book was not written by any human being whatsoever. The odds, the experts tell us, are quadrillions of quadrillions to one – meaning of course, NOT POSSIBLE. HOW SO? What is also very interesting is that the prophetic utterances of that Good Book are coming to pass with 100% accuracy. How is that? WHY? You might want to ponder that one as well – at least a little bit, anyhow. So if no human could ever do such a feat, WHO DID? Well, we could say some sort of mathematical genius apparently. Maybe even someone who knew all about genetics and DNA. Sort of like that person who stood before Pontius Pilate and who said that every hair upon your head was numbered. How did He know that? Wild guess? I doubt it, but maybe…

“WHAT IS TRUTH?” Pilate shook his head. “Don’t you know I have the power to kill you?” He said to this lone person standing before him. The answer was really a startling one. “You would not have any power at all unless it were given to you from On High…” NO POWER AT ALL. Wow, what a comment. NO POWER AT ALL. So what is this person speaking of here? “WHO ARE YOU? WHAT ARE YOU? WHAT IS TRUTH?” What is the ultimate truth behind everything there is, has been, or ever will be? Do you know? Do you even wonder?

So perhaps we need to DRILL DOWN through all of the “un-wisdom” of the world. The Good Book says that the wisdom of the world is utter foolishness. Do you really understand what that means? That means that all the wisdom in the world’s libraries, universities, think tanks, schools and theologies and isms and philosophies are nothing but clap-trap. Utter foolishness. It is all vanity. It does say that, you might want to look it up sometime. WHY?

One of the reasons why is the temporal nature of humanity. Here today, gone tomorrow. Like a weed that grows fast, wilts and dies. A puff of smoke. Here now, but not tomorrow. Will anyone remember, further will anyone really care? Not likely. All of your worldly cares, all of your worries, all of it, well, sad to say, you carry that away with you when you pass on. Life goes on and the mystery of death remains unanswered. Or does it?

Do the cries and screams of the human race rebound off the walls of silence? Do the cold winds of silence remain? We search the heavens for answers, we probe deep into inner space. Scientists claim that have found the “God-Particle”. Not really. But they don’t know that yet, because they are  all looking in the wrong place. So death comes, we weep for our loved ones, we miss them terribly, we search within our hearts for answers, WHY?

The question really becomes, is DEATH really the way it was SUPPOSED TO BE? Or is death an aberration? Something not meant to be, an anomaly of some type – a strange mysterious event brought about by what the Good Book calls the “fall”. Is it possible that there really was a fall? Is it possible that you, who seem to know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, are really fallen? The answer is stunning according the Good Book: YES!

When a person is born into the world, they are born FALLEN. It is their nature. It is in the DNA and genetic codes. How it works, no one really knows. It is your ability to determine what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is evil THAT PROVES YOU ARE FALLEN. It is your nature. You cannot change your nature. A leopard cannot change his spots. It is what it is. And there is not one thing you can ever do about it of your own accord. You are LOCKED INTO THE PRISON OF YOUR NATURE. You cannot free yourself. It does not matter how good or loving or kind and wonderful you are – you are still fallen. As a matter of fact, it does not matter how evil you are either. It is what it is.

This is one of the most important things to understand when drilling down to BASELINE ZERO. Your nature is set by your DNA code. You cannot alter it no matter what you do, good or evil. It is what it is. You are born with it, you live with it, and you die with it. Therefore to you EVERYTHING IS “NORMAL” and as it should be. Some are better at controlling their evil nature and are called “good” people. Others are not, they are called “bad” people. Both are fallen, both are lost and walk in “darkness” according to Jesus Christ.

So maybe that is why Jesus Christ is such a controversial figure. He told us we walk in darkness, spiritually lost; destitute. But to us it is normal. So what was He talking about? What did He mean, when He said He was the LIGHT? A seemingly great division here, darkness and light. Contrasting the two concepts. Telling us that the LIGHT was actually the normal, the darkness an aberration, an anomaly. What LIGHT? Say what? Maybe that was what bothered Pilate – maybe he knew that there was something very strange standing before him, a person whose eyes, they claimed, drilled through you to the core of your being. Not hurtful eyes, but penetrating, searching, seeing the fear of all humanity, actually eyes full of love and peace, compassion and mercy. Pilate could see and sense a vast difference between what Pilate thought was normal, with this person in front of him.  Eyes full of compassion. Eyes that knew Pilate was in trouble. Something missing today in most people.

So if humanity is what it is and cannot change anything, what then? First of all, one might want to come to a recognition of this plain and horrible fact. The Good Book says that the human heart is wicked and evil beyond anything we can imagine. Is this the “darkness”? Says so a number of places. Well, we don’t like that. Who is this person who comes here and tells us we are fallen and evil and in dire need of help? “I am a good person, a do not steal, rape, murder or have evil thoughts…” And so it goes. The reasoning sounds wonderful. How could evil within be possible? People are good. People’s hearts are basically good, many say. Look at all the help, service, hospitals, etc. Does that not prove people are basically good?

It depends upon what viewpoint you take. From a worldly point of view, the “darkness” point of view,  we would have to say that the good people far outweigh the evil ones, you know like Ted Bundy and such likes. But Jesus Christ said that was not true, and even pointed to the love parents have for their children and branded it “evil”. How does giving good things to your loved ones make you “evil”? Say what? EVIL? “Are you kidding?” NO, not kidding at all. And this is the hard part to understand or grasp as we drill down to BASELINE ZERO. If we are fallen, we are all “evil”. We walk in “darkness” and call it “light”. Can you embrace that concept? Is it possible we are fallen?

It gets back to the fall. Was there really a fall of some type, and what actually happened? Most people think the story of the fall is just an old wives tale. Myth. Stupid even. How could anyone believe such a story as that? For the sake of argument, let’s assume the story is true. Not saying it is, just saying let’s assume for the moment it really is.

The Good Book tells us the Adam and Eve (science now admits we all came from one pair of parents), were created in the IMAGE OF THE CREATOR. The Good Book tells us that the Creator is a SPIRIT, and that this SPIRIT is a SPIRIT OF DIVINE LOVE. In other words, a vastly DIFFERENT FORM or TYPE OF LOVE, a form of love so radical, so intense, so vast and so much higher in value than ours that we cannot comprehend it. A LOVE TYPE. You might take note that there were no rules in the Garden of Eden for behavior, for ethics, for morality or anything. Only one rule – “You better not eat of this tree of the KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL.” Better not, no sir, stay away from it, bad for you. Why no other rules? True love does not require any. It is its on rule. LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. Simply really, even if impossible for us to do. And if you think you do, you are very deceived and lying to yourself. You are NUMBER UNO. Always, better believe it, for it is true even you don’t think so. “I would die for my neighbor”, you say. Wonderful. But it does not change your nature. It is what it is.

So one might ask a very intelligent question here. Why would the creator place such a KNOWLEDGE in the Garden and then say don’t eat it? And what was this so-called knowledge of good and evil anyhow? The answer is simple if you truly understand the nature of real true love. True love will not withhold knowledge, even dangerous knowledge, knowledge that kills. It will present it, but it will also WARN YOU concerning it.

I was a professional pilot for many a year flying the latest in jets. Those aircraft are put through an entire series of tests, and all of this information is then placed into what is known as “aircraft flight manuals”. The flight manuals tell us what we can and cannot do with these aircraft. They are filled with good knowledge. Ignore what it says, IGNORE THE WARNINGS, you will perish, along with your passengers. Same concept – ignore the WARNINGS, well, bad things happen.

So what was this knowledge? The word study means some sort of cunning, like fox smart, wolf cunning. Sort of like having the ability to decide for oneself what was up or what was down, how to “outfox” your neighbor, you know, take advantage. But something else happened as well. The unconditional love of Adam and Eve was destroyed. It died. It was no longer there. The LOVE OF THE CREATOR vanished from within. The DNA and genetics were altered forever. LOVE LOST. PARADISE LOST. The SPIRIT WITHIN DIED THAT DAY. “In the day you eat thereof, you shall perish…”. sO WE WENT FROM LIGHT TO DARKNESS. We now call the darkness LIGHT. A reversal, from TRUTH TO LIE.

So you might say, well they did not die, they lived for eons. Actually they did die that very day. They died to GOD. They died to their maker, their creator. The UNION WAS BROKEN. The spiritual link was cut off. Adam and Eve were reborn that instant into a new world, the world we KNOW TODAY. A world of broken hearts, sorrow, tears, toil and trouble, a world of chaos, wars and then PHYSICAL DEATH. First spiritual and then physical death. An aberration, a terrible anomaly. Could it be actually true?

Well, like I said before, we are born that way. We don’t know anything different. To us, all of this is normal. People are born, people die. Wars and rumors of war. Rapes, murders, thefts, corruption, hate, love, all of it. “What me worry?” says Alfred E. Neumann. Maybe you should. Maybe you might want to take another look. IT COULD ACTUALLY BE TRUE, YOU KNOW. IT COULD BE. Even if you do not realize it, we are getting close to BASELINE ZERO.

So what if what you and I know to be NORMAL, is NOT at all normal? What if we are in reality an aberration? An anomaly? What if we really are like some form of a twisted sisters? What if, to the creator, we are bent to do evil, full of rebellion and hatred for Him? What then? Could it be possible? How would one know? How could one find out, how does one drill down to BASELINE ZERO?

So is it possible, just possible, that this lone man who stood before Pilate actually came here to repair and to save that which was lost so many thousands of years ago? You might want to ponder that one for a bit. As the saying goes, put that one in your pipe and smoke it. WHY?      Because you and I know that in this world just about ANYTHING is possible! And we also know that the truth, very often, is in fact, far stranger than fiction.

So “who are you? What are you? What is truth?” So I ask, how did Jesus Christ know the Earth was round? That every hair upon your head was numbered? That there are “portals” and “gateways” between dimensions? That the Temple in Jerusalem would be destroyed, and He told exactly how it would be done? That Israel would be reborn as a nation in 1948 ? That matter was made up of atoms? That Russia would rise to a world power in the latter years? That America would rise up and become a twisted, sick nation full of evil and raise havoc upon the world? Better ask yourself how all of that was known 2000 years ago or more?

These are questions you need to stop and ask yourself. WHAT IF? Is it possible that the story of the fall is REAL, and NOT mythology? That mankind’s NATURE was radically altered in some way we do not understand and that humanity really does have something terribly wrong within? And that this simple fact answers all the questions as to the chaos and wars and horrible inhuman atrocities committed all over the world, by every tribe of man on Earth? Is it simply it is what it is, or did something go terribly wrong long, long ago in the hazy mists of time, and that the story of the Garden and the knowledge of good and evil really is TRUE? WHAT THEN?

Where does that put you? The Good Book says that no matter how good you are, or how evil you are you are fallen and counted as an enemy of the Creator. Protests don’t count here. It is what it is, and what it appears to be ain’t what it really is. Not at all. The reality of your existence is far different from what you think or perceive. I am not fooling here. This is deadly real. More real than you could ever imagine. How do I know? Because I went to the “other side”. I died. I have seen the other side. The Bible is telling you the truth. You may not like it, you may hate it, you may get sick of hearing it. But for all of that, you are loved with a love so fantastic it is beyond all human comprehension.

There is an invisible hand reaching out for you. The Creator of all that there is, is simply waiting for you to realize what your position before Him really is. He does not care if you are whore or a saint. He does not care if you smoke, swear or drink yourself silly. He does not care what you have done, or why you did it. He does not care if you are a murderer or a mother Teresa. His hand is there, and if you will take it, he will lift you out of all of this, all of this trouble, all of this sorrow, all of this doubt, all of your problems or “issues” as we call them today. His love for you, for His creation is beyond all words, there are no words. I know because He showed me. His love for this world,and  for all the broken hearts of all humanity is there, waiting.

You see, the fall placed a veil over your mind. But you can pierce this veil, You can overcome, and break free. But you have to recognize your predicament and face it. That is step one. Look around you, and look carefully. Something is wrong here. Something has gone terribly wrong. Genesis tells you what it is. Jesus Christ actually is the redeemer. The healer. The lover. He came behind enemy lines to rescue you. He loves you. More than you will ever, ever, ever know. Jesus told us how. He told how to get to BASELINE ZERO, and how to KNOW THE TRUTH, so you don’t have to be like Pilate and ask. You WILL KNOW, and when you FIND IT, you will understand everything I have warned about for the last 30 years.

In PART THREE – DRILLING DOWN TO BASELINE ZERO we will get to the bottom of all of it. A LOVE EXCHANGE. A RESCUE. A REDEMPTION. A JOY UNSPEAKABLE. A RECOGNITION OF THE REAL TRUTH. It has nothing to do with faith, belief or religions. It is so much more than all of that. All the isms, all the theologies, all of the philosophies, all the knowledge of the world means NOTHING at all. It is all foolishness. Eternity awaits. Hell is real, a place I have seen. Heaven is likewise real. Mankind has a choice, yea or nay. No choice is a nay.

It is nothing I believe. I have no idea why the Creator brought me to the other side. Perhaps just to warn you. I have been there, I have seen it. Jesus Christ IS GOD. He created all of it. He is the creator of all of it. He showed me. I looked upon the LOVE OF GOD. I saw it, just like a movie, looking into something so deep and so vast i cannot describe it to you. After He showed me HIS LOVE, He asked me, “Stewart, do you agree that LOVE runs this universe?” It was so obvious. Here was the answer, the final TRUTH, the MEGA TRUTH OF ALL THERE IS OR EVER WOULD BE. DIVINE LOVE. SO SIMPLE, SO PROFOUND. “Stewart, do you agree you have NEVER loved?” That was obvious when compared to His love. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS. GUILTY AS CHARGED. Ever so softly came the next question. “Will you?” Now here is the crux of the entire matter. The human heart is damaged beyond repair. No matter what you do, you cannot fix it. Here is what true Biblical repentance is all about. A LOVE EXCHANGE. You give up yours, you get His. Simple, so very simple.

Here is the final turning point. “Yes”. I could have said no. I could have. But I did not. Here is what every soul on Earth is looking for. TRUE LOVE. We are devoid of it. We do not have it. We are lost, lonely and alone. We hurt, we cry, we weep. We look around us for someone to love us. To hold us, to care. Anyone actually. We bury our loved ones, we look in to the heavens and we cry, WHY? There is an answer. There really is an answer.

It was not supposed to be this way, the way it is. Never in a billion years was it EVER TO BE THIS WAY. What we consider “normal” and “every day the way it is” is a horrible, terrible aberration. We really are living an aberration, a horribly anomaly. You won’t really realize it until to you see your creator. He really does want to save you out of this mess humanity is in. Step back and look around you. Something is wrong, terribly wrong. You can escape. You can find BASELINE ZERO and KNOW the TRUTH.




October 27, 2014

The atheist says “there is no God” but actually believes in one – its name is “chance”. Just as the universe was created solely by chance, so it can be uncreated in an instant by “chance”. In other words, life has no meaning whatsoever – not really. Chance has no mercy, no compassion, no love, no hate, it just is. Vanity abounding. The atheist claims they are just facing reality. It is what it is, so to speak. WHO KNOWS, THEY MIGHT BE RIGHT – BUT THEN AGAIN…

The Moslem says “Allah” is God. The supreme ruler of creation. Anyone who does not believe in Allah is an infidel, worthy of death, a cancer upon the planet that needs to be destroyed. Hence anyone not believing should be, must be, has to be, killed. Torture of course is good before death. The more torture, the more delight in the heart of Allah and his followers. Allah is TRUTH, all others are liars and deceivers. “Off with their heads”. WHO KNOWS, THEY MIGHT BE RIGHT, BUT THEN AGAIN…

The Christian claims that Jesus Christ is God. He is the creator that simply came to visit us. He is also the redeemer of a fallen humanity, a humanity deeply troubled by an innate cunning knowledge called good and evil. Hence because evil is an expansionary force, always moving, always probing, always seeking entrance into the minds of fallen mankind, we have wars, crimes, corruption, etc that expands like leven in a loaf of bread. The Christian says Jesus Christ is THE TRUTH. Many people have likewise been extinguished because they refused to accept that concept as well. WHO KNOWS, THEY MIGHT BE RIGHT, BUT THEN AGAIN…

Then of course, let us not leave out Judaism. They cannot stand the name Jesus Christ whatsoever, and would kill Christians who do not embrace “Jehovah” and reject Jesus Christ as “son of God” if they could get away with it, and soon will it seems. Hence we have wars, strife, divisions, and all the odd stuff the human brain can contour up to get rid of their many and assorted “infidels” and “enemies”. WHO KNOWS, THEY MIGHT BE RIGHT, BUT THEN AGAIN…

And then of course we ought to mention the many “isms” out there. Communism, Marxism, Fabian Socialism, and all the other philosophies, theologies, and “isms” of that sort floating around out there invading the minds of men, taking root and forming “movements” and “wars” in which of course, millions have died over the centuries. Of course each was right, and each had “God on their side” as Bobby Dylan wrote in his diatribe song of the same name. WHO KNOWS, THEY MIGHT BE RIGHT, BUT THEN AGAIN…

It seems that thoughts like the above start as a small brook or stream, but as time goes on they become rivers, then torrents carving out huge ravines in the minds of man, becoming a “truth” to those who embrace it. Their thoughts run in these ravines, they cannot escape the walls created. They become totally blind to any other concept or thought. Their truth becomes their motivation to kill the one who does not believe their “truth”. So it is what it is, but why? Have you ever stopped long enough to ask why? Have you ever looked up at the heavens and asked “why”? Why am I here? What is my purpose or is there any? WHAT IS TRUTH?

The real creator, if there is one, must of course look down upon all of this and wonder why He bothered in the first place. For what reason? Why is all of this pain and suffering caused by evil men who pop up and rule over millions, you know, the despots, the liars called politicians? In a sane world they would all be hung for the damage they have done to humanity. Yet it all continues, and shows no signs of abating, to the contrary, it appears that the elite are planning yet another massive “cull” of humanity to the tune of billions if one believes the Georgia GuideStones.

It has always amazed me that the State of Georgia thinks these “GuideStones” are such a wonderful attraction when it calls for the murder of over 6 billion people. How do you condemn Hitler or Stalin and support a tourist attraction that calls for elimination of BILLIONS? Go figure. But then again the killing of the unborn is nothing either. The woman gets pregnant, but a baby is simply not convenient now, so what? Get rid of it, throw it out, flush it down the toilet, it was nothing anyhow. How many? Love gone cold. A friend of mine often said he was in favor of abortion only if it could be made retroactive. Maybe he had a good point there, but then who decides who should be retroactively done away with? Just wondering…

So the point of all this? It seems that “religions” and “isms” are in actual fact the mass murderers of humanity. It seems you can trace all of this back to the root of some “truth”. But what IF all of this “truth” is nothing but a bunch of absolute and total lies OR PARTIAL TRUTHS? What IF the human mind actually does embrace lies much more readily than any truth and that is a factual thing, you know, or at least I hope you know. And then again why do think that is so? Why do people embrace some lie about someone much faster than any truth? Why do we WANT to believe the lie? Why do we pass judgments upon people we do not even know, have not bothered to investigate, but somehow we “know” there is something wrong here. Ever wondered? If you do not believe this is so, turn on your TV s and watch it for a few minutes. Like Fox news, the “Spin stops here because we are looking out for you?” type of thing. Really? Last time I checked, Fox was looking out for itself, but knows how to spin things to get you and I to watch. They call it propaganda marketing.

So what is the point? Why do we have wars, crime, corruption? Is this really the “normal” or is something wrong here? Why are your media outlets filled with all of it? Almost all news is negative news, but not always. There is good in the world but where did that come from? There appears to be some love here and there, but where did that come from? There appears to be some compassion and mercy here and there but less and less now, it seems. Where did it come from?

So what if I told you the Bible, that mankind thinks and has branded a book about “religion”, is not at all? What IF I told you that the Bible, carefully studied and carefully thought about, is a Book that totally DESTROYS ALL RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD? That the end result of all of this has nothing to do with “religion” at all, but introduces a concept so radical, so mysterious and so “far out” that few human minds can actually grasp its message, just as the Bible actually said would happen?

So what IF mankind took this message from “beyond”, from another “dimension” and because of their nature, MADE IT IN TO A WORLDLY RELIGION? What then? In other words, they took a book all about a SPIRITUAL DIMENSION, and brought it down to a CARNAL MIND CONCEPT? What is they took something of THE SPIRIT, but because of materialism it was brought down to just a “soul” message, and a profitable one at that? What if the vast majority of the human race MISSED THE ENTIRE POINT OF SCRIPTURE? Made it into something it was not, never was and never would be? What then?

Can you grasp the possibility? Can you get beyond the rituals, pomp and circumstance, philosophies and theologies of mankind? Can you come face to face with something so startling, yet SO SIMPLE, that it confounds the human mind? Your mind? That no matter how hard you try to figure it out, you cannot, because it is totally beyond human comprehension? A message of a LOVE SO VAST, and so incomprehensible it has to be shown you via THE SPIRIT? And what if, when this occurs, you become totally aware of the foolishness of all world religions and mankind, Christianity as it is known today, included? And what if, when you know this, you attempt to warn others? Like Jesus seem to be doing?

So what actually happened when Jesus Christ stood before Pontius Pilate and Pilate asked “Who are you? What are you? What IS TRUTH?” What actually WENT DOWN at the cross? There is only ONE NAME under the heavens that causes so much debate, argument, and controversy! A single lone figure who wandered the dusty roads of Judea and spoke softly, almost in a whisper?

He never owned anything, never wanted anything, was not attractive at all to look upon, never seemed to care about the things of the world. Yet his wisdom, his remarks, his miracles still are with us 2000 years later. He never advocated violence of any sort. To the contrary, he told us to love others, to help others if we could. He was not political. He never railed against the State. He never said anything about this world other than it was evil, and the human race was evil because they were fallen. He told us only to point out the evils, warn mankind of it. Never mind no one wants to listen.

Fallen. When we think of “fallen”, we think of demons, fallen angels, criminals. Never us. “Not me”. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it is you. He said we were prisoners held fast by an invisible enemy, bent upon the violent destruction of the human race. He implied we are very self destructive. We do things that destroy us over time. We isolate ourselves, we become ships in the night, passing by, nodding as we go.

He spoke of a war, a spiritual war, an invisible war, a war so vast, so violent it defied explanation. He said that planet Earth was really a “turf” war, and humanity was owned by a higher being, and earth and its people were the subject of this war. Is it possible? We just did not know it, He said, and hence, because it is invisible and not easily discerned, it would be rejected as any sort of “truth”. It is a spiritual war, a war over who owns the human race. The human mind would reject it all as an “old wives tale”, as “myth”. But what if it is not? WHAT IF IT IS NOT? WHAT THEN?

Jesus loved the fallen of the world, healed them by the thousands, never asked anything in return. These are the facts. Yet for all of that, this one lone person is now rapidly becoming the most hated name and person in the history of the world. Have you ever wondered why that is so? Why would someone who never advocated violence, showed extreme acts of love, healed thousands upon thousands is now so hated and reviled? WHY? Why would LOVE be hated? Why would acts of mercy and compassion be HATED? Why would a soft-spoken, kindly gentle person be so HATED? You might want to ponder all of this if you ever hope to get back to BASELINE ZERO. You might want to inquire within. Just maybe this book you think is a religious book IS NOT, and holds within it the secrets of the Universe, all ready to show you a reality you never dreamed could exist. What if IT DOES?

Would you DARE to take this journey of all journeys to FIND OUT? The Good Book says to never answer a matter before you have researched it out – sort of like a prosecutor who prosecutes a case but never bothered to find that the one accused was around the world on a business trip and could not have possibly committed the crime. Evidence never looked at. Evidence denied. Good thing I am not a dictator, because I would take every prosecutor who could not be bothered to find the real truth, or who withheld evidence, or who undermined the truth willfully and I would put them in prison for a long, long time. Something about the public trust. I digress. But it is the same concept. How do YOU answer when you know not the question? Ponder that one as well.

Have you ever wondered why, when you speak of the Bible or Jesus Christ that people will literally get up and leave the room? Or stop their ears? Or get so angry they cannot control themselves? No other name on this planet evokes such a violent reaction to the world and its leaders. No OTHER NAME. No other name under the whole of heaven. Have you ever wondered why? If not, perhaps you should ponder it. What is there, DEEP WITHIN YOUR SPIRIT, that reacts to that name, pro or con? Think about it – ponder it.

Why? Because the world you live in is not what you think it is. Not at all. The Holy Bible is not the book you think it is. It is not about religion. It is about reality. It is a self-proving book. It contains information about any subject you want to think about. But there is an openly hostile SPIRIT that wants to keep you from opening it to study what it actually says, not what you think it says. This spirit entity comes through your mind by telling you there “is nothing here, so move on”. If you do not believe it, announce to your family that you are now going to really study the Bible, to find out if it is TRUTH or NO TRUTH. You are going to spend SOME TIME at this. You set aside HOURS to do this. Watch what happens if you do not believe there is a SPIRIT ENTITY that will come at you from any direction, use any family member, friends, clergy, boss or whatever to derail your efforts. It is NEGATIVE CONFIRMATION. There really is a SPIRIT out there that HATES THE BIBLE. Why? Could it be that this book will bring you back to BASELINE ZERO?

If YOU were to study hard to become a lawyer, doctor, or whatever, the SUPPORT COMES IN FROM ALL DIRECTIONS. Families are proud. Mom and Dad smile. Grandparents mention it to friends and relatives. “My Donny is going to be doctor”. Big smiles and nods of approval. But then…

“I am going to study the Bible, and I am going to do this starting now.” The husband or wife scowl. The relatives are all worried. The boss stops by to inquire if you are OK. Anger comes to the surface. “Are you going nuts?” or “I know a doctor, you know, a shrink, I will pay for you to go there”. Or “What cult group are you involved with?”. “You need to speak to your doctor, pastor or whoever and get unprogrammed”. On and on it goes. All stops are pulled out. The boss becomes very concerned. Friends are relatives speak softly, wondering what has happened. “Something has gone wrong with my sister. She studies the Bible, can you imagine ANYONE doing that?” So it goes.   EVER WONDER WHY IT IS ONLY THE BIBLE THEY BECOME SO CONCERNED ABOUT? Have you ever wondered why, when you actually begin to study that BOOK, that your world of friends, relatives, loved ones all think you are involved in some cult group or worse? That your mind has been poisoned? That someone has “taken over” your thought process? You are under some sort of mind control? “She is involved with this cult leader, he has taken over her mind, brought her under his spell.” And so it goes. WHY?

Jesus said Satan was a murderer and a liar. He also said he is very powerful and needs to be respected. He holds the human race captive even if they don’t know it, but when they begin to inquire within the pages of Scripture IN EARNEST, suddenly that which was INVISIBLE and UNKNOWN becomes very well-known, and Satan uses friends, relatives, clergy, bosses or whomsoever or whatever to turn you back. WHY?

Now then, when you were IN THE WORLD, doing your thing IN THE WORLD, you know, like climbing up the corporate ladder or whatever, you were in full control of your mind, money and home ownership, AND IN FULL CONTROL OF YOUR MENTAL PROCESS? Suddenly all of that changes when you pick up the Bible to read it, study it, meditate in it, when you INQUIRE WITHIN ITS PAGES TO FIND OUT SOMETHING. Suddenly you are a mental case, unable to discern anything. SUDDENLY YOU HAVE LOST TOTAL CONTROL AND ARE IN DIRE NEED OF HELP FROM OTHERS. WHY?

It is a truth, and I know it for a fact, because I have spoken to hundreds of people concerning it. There really is a SPIRIT that wants to keep THAT BOOK, and the person of THAT BOOK away from you. “I have no interest”, is a common thought. “I hate religion and what it does to people.” “I cannot stand that book, I hate it…” and so it goes. And to you who read it, “they” will try to get you to stop “this nonsense!”. WHY?

You need to PONDER why this is so. Really, you need to. Why just the Bible, and why the name Jesus Christ? What is there about this Book and this NAME that upsets the entire world, and more so every day that passes. We come around full circle. Pontius Pilate’s “WHAT IS TRUTH?” The Bible tells us Pilate was nervous. He was not sure at all what he was dealing with. He was between a rock and a hard place. He tried to wash his hands of it. WHY? Was it the dream his wife had? Was it because he somehow knew that the lone figure who stood before him was something far more than that which appeared? Did he somehow KNOW that the real truth was actually standing before him? That the REAL TRUTH was somehow tied to this material body and person known as Jesus? That somehow, as he stared into those eyes he came face to face with an eternal SPIRIT being? Something human but much more than human?

Pilate was NO amateur politician. He was cold, cruel and heartless. Yet, somehow, HE KNEW that he was dealing with something radically different. He KNEW IT and so attempted to wash his hands of it. So his question rings in humanities’ mind to this day – WHAT IS TRUTH? Can we find it, and if we do, can we KNOW in an absolute sense, we have FOUND IT?

In part two, we will descend down to BASELINE ZERO and what IS THE REAL TRUTH. Are you open? Is your heart open? Did you know that SCIENCE ITSELF PROVES JESUS CHRIST WAS THE REDEEMER? Well it does, and does so in such a remarkable way it cannot be disputed. ONLY DENIED.





October 19, 2014


A short few days ago, i finished the final editing on our Earth Whispers Special Report “Cosmic Intruders”. The research into it was rather extensive because it entailed laying hold of government and insurance industry special reports – as many people may not know that the insurance industry is way ahead of the game when it comes to threats to their bottom line – hence investigations of “future things” are very important to them.

The upshot of all of this is to be found in Part One of “Cosmic Intruders”, intruders that can be proven to be not far off – intruders that will bring about massive changes to our planet, and hence to all of those living on it – or we could say, to the small pool of humanity that survives it all – and thus the preliminary effects of these intruders is now being felt all over the world – in ways few would expect. One of them perhaps, might be what appears to be the total insanity of world leaders.

With the Ebola scare, and other manufactured biological nightmares being introduced by the elite of the world, perhaps not many will be around for any “arrival” of the intruders because mass insanity of the elite may well precede any mass die off by other means – or, perhaps, the intruders will simply finish off the “elite” who got rid of all the others on Earth. Or perhaps, as the Good Book is apt to say, God has the last laugh just after the fat lady sings. Maybe the elite plan to kill off the fat lady so she cannot sing, and therefore the prophecies of the Good Book become null and void – but then again, is it that perhaps the pottery telling the pottery creator not a good thing? Martha Stewart knows, even if no one else does, do you think?

Agendas and the well laid plans and traps of the elite appear to be going off on schedule. Mass panic, fears, FEMA Camps and sounds of alarm as rumors abound, first in one year and then again in another year. Woe is unto us, for we have stood by and allowed the worst of evil to rise up under our noses and did nothing to stop any of it. Woe, Woe unto us. But then again…

Everyone tells us Obama and his crews are stupid and incompetent. That’s all. He doesn’t understand, they say. He just does not get it. To many fund-raisers, to many vacations, to many golf courses. He does not care at all, they say. Never did, never will. But what if the opposite is actually true? What if Obama is brilliant? I mean, really above and beyond? What if the game he is actually playing is way above the heads of the pundits? Or everyone else? What if he is working a plan so brilliant, so diabolically clever that no one either dares to call it what it really is, or does not recognize what it is? What then?

You hear about the “end game” a lot these days. The Illuminati, the elite and their game plans for humanity. You know, germ warfare, chem-trails, financial collapse, wars, Ebola, zombies and all of that? Appears to me that we have had zombies inside the beltway for some time now. You know, like Harry Reid, Nancy P and all of the others down there? Appears to me that these types of folks stagger about, grunt a lot and eat their neighbors – mostly Republicans of the new ilk, you know. It has been going on now for a long, long time, sort of the like the alien visitors, you know, the X-files cigarette smoking man who told Molder that the aliens have been here for like, forever.

So where am I going with all of this? I have not the slightest idea – so why do you ask? What’s the point, you ask? How should I know? Should I even care? Should you care? Does anything ever change? Maybe that’s the point. Martha Stewart still cooks and shows us how, but that is not new – been there, done that many civilizations ago – even had TV, it is claimed. Most likely has their own Martha’s telling everyone it was a good thing! Ever wonder how many people died to make all of those recipes?

Civilizations? Well, they come and go, each thinking it is far smarter than all previous ones. One common fatal flaw it seems. Civilizations have also been here for a long, long, time. You know, those aliens are smart little creatures. Been here forever but leave nary a trace – a few rock carvings, odd buildings, mysteries here and there. They all tell us the same thing – been there, done that, never again. Civilizations did the same thing. Odd buildings, odd carvings, odd books – old wives tales, mythology, the writings of crazed zombies warning of a dire future – just around the corner they said. Been there, done that, never again, they all said. Well, they were right on one point – THEY will never do it again, for they have journeyed to the other side.

The Lord of all called them “ages”. Each age had it wise men, idiots, and those in between. Mostly those on the lower IQ quotient who could care less. They also had their beer and burgers, hotdogs and chili beans with tomato sauce. Mad upon their idols, they were. Sort of like America today. The point? How should I know?

You know the one thing I hate about chili beans and tomato sauce is how it stains all the shirts I wear because I am a sloppy eater – leave so much on my shirt that I can have a snack in between meals. There is always a method to the madness. Sort of like civilizations that stain history with all of their bumbling along, thinking they were wiser than the creator – who must now be doubled over with laughter at the latest attempt – I think I read that somewhere in the Good Book. Something about some odd and mysterious attempt by a bunch of “wise men” with lots of money who but could not read the writing on the wall – you know, the one that says weighed in the balance and found “wanting” or something like that.

Maybe that’s the point of this ramble. Maybe the real point really is, been there many times, done that many times, but once more with gusto, so who cares? It will be different this time, they all say. We just gotta get rid of all of those crazies out there – clean it up, cull the herd, get rid of all the bad seed out there, you know, the cancer cells – like those that actually believe in anything worthwhile. The New World Order? Been there, done that, but well, once more with gusto!! Do you see? It never changes, and the end result is always the same. Someone once said that the true definition of insanity was to do the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results each time. Go figure, been there many times, done that many times, but maybe, just maybe this time things will be different, but then again, I doubt it.

Golden Age coming up. Alien arrival coming down. Golden future. Ten toes. Clay and Iron. Big rock comes, destroy it all. I mean ALL OF IT. Daniel Two seems right. Seems to me the same ending as all previous ages before. Do you suppose, just suppose that mankind has a problem somewhere? Maybe that’s the real point of all of this. Maybe we need to be gathered under the wings of the Almighty, and hide ourselves while the rich men of the Earth destroy modern civilization and themselves.

Are you going to stop them? Am I? Is anyone? Only the Creator, the Good Book says. He is it. No one else. So then, IT’S ALL OVER ANYHOW, SO WHY ALL THE FUSS?

As usual, all comments are welcome – what say you?




Included But Not…

October 5, 2014


Have you ever had the feeling that you are “included” with a group or a person/s, but when it comes right down to it, you are really not? That you are included whenever the group or the person/s involved WANT YOU TO BE, but otherwise not? In other words, included only at the convenience of “them” or “they”, or “he or she”.

In yet other words, you are not really part of, despite what they say, that unit, that “we” or that “us”? Because in truth that “we” or that “us” does not really include you, not really, not at the bottom line of things? Where it really counts? That these types of folks hold cards in reserve, want you when they want you, but otherwise, “don’t bother me today, I have other things to do” type of attitude?

So now let’s take that all too real concept and go back to the days of the Lord, and we could extend that all the way through the entire church age. Have you ever gone to a church where you were told you were part “of them” but you sort of knew you were not? Not really? That all of this is fallen humanity conditional acceptance – but oh how conditional it really is at the root of all of it. Yes, you are welcomed (possibly), as now part of a larger group and this is your new church “home”. You become a “we” or an “us”. Their home is your home sort of thing? But as they examine you, as they explore who you are, what you are, they begin to distance themselves because it is found, alas, you do not believe perhaps, exactly as they do, or for any number of reasons that can be conjured up, and you ask questions that “they” cannot answer or do not want to answer, or do not want to discuss it. Suddenly your new “home” is really not your home at all – only when they want it to be, but otherwise “not”.

The more questions you have, the more they cannot answer, and then the “included” becomes slowly a “not included”. The church functions, the private invites to people’s homes for private entertainment, and you find yourself on the outside looking in, not invited, excluded, and wondering what and why all of this happened? Where once you were “in” and “included” in all functions and private invites. Their family and their friends were now part of your family and your friends. They were excited for you to meet their relatives and friends, could not wait to have you meet them. But then, for one reason or another, you find out that the “family” is not really your family at all and well, somehow you never get to meet all of these other folks. Somehow it all vanishes away in a smoke.

Once you were “in” and now you are “out”. Once their home was your home, their friends and relatives were your friends and relatives, but now it becomes their home and “private”. You are not included. You have been “uninvited and excluded”. Does not matter what reason is actually given, perhaps none at all. It is what it is. And it hurts. Exclusion always hurts, no matter how strong you may think you are. Jesus was acquainted with all of that. So is anyone who really knows Him. One is really never in, not in this world, in spite of all the rhetorical baloney handed out by lying lips and lying brains. It is what it is.

So what are we looking at? It is a good look at the depraved human heart. Fully conditional. “I will love you forever and ever, eternity even…IF” Or “You only, no one else IF” . It has actually been that way all down through time. You are “in” and then you are “out”. Once you were invited but now you are not. Usually starts small – one invitation not given, then another, then another. It all depends upon what the definition of IF is. You get the drift… So be ready for it – especially in these days and times, where family will betray you and feed you to the dogs…

Let’s take that concept to the corporate world, you know, that dog eat dog Marxist/communist slave organization, that freedom loving Americans have sold their souls to. In that world you can be in until they use you up, and then you are out. The selling of men’s souls, as it were. It is a form of usury. Human usury. Why do people beat out their brains, destroy themselves and others just for a paycheck from a communist organization, which is exactly what a corporation really is. It is of the fallen nature. No matter where you turn you find it. So how does one handle it? How do you handle this sort of behavior?

There is no easy answer to it. Whereas Christ and His love is open, totally transparent, all accepting, always welcoming no matter what or who, never disinvite for any reason and ready to accept one and all, fallen nature is just the opposite. Secretive, exclusionary, private. ” I will love you if, and then the list of ifs are given. Conditional, very conditional. The two stand in stark contrast one to the other. When the love of Christ meets the other head on, well, it is hard to understand it.

“A soul convinced against their will, is of the same opinion still.”






The Hammer Of The Whole Earth

September 23, 2014

No one messes with the USA. NO ONE. For awhile of course Lucifer, (aka Obama) did nothing, letting ISIL/ISIS build numbers, power and speed. Maybe there was method to his madness, as they say. Perhaps Obama may be appearing to be on the side of the Americans for a change, but then again, IN REALITY, maybe he is not. Suddenly Obama changes methods, and it appears to be a Martha Stewart “Good Thing”, because, after all, the November elections are upcoming. Americans are now united – let’s kill all of these horrible ISIS/ISIL people, get rid of them once and for all. Who are they anyhow, who stirred them up? Three guess, and the first two don’t count. Seems odd how they rose up out of nowhere just before November. Maybe we will see some sort of October surprise, as the Democrats are saying. Maybe the CIA or NSA and all those folks bent upon a new world order are behind all of it – you know, anything is possible these days…but do you think?

At the same time of course, if you did not notice, the call is going out concerning “radicalized Americans” and that is where the REAL terror threat actually lies, say the Powers That Be. I wonder where this is leading? Of course, according to Homeland Security and Fusion centers, if you voted for Ron Paul, believe in the Bill of Rights, believe in secure borders, motherhood and apple pie, well, you better be careful because you are a “radicalized American”. Actually that would be true nowadays, as things really have changed, and apple pie is out, and grandma? Well, she doesn’t know anything anyhow, just a useless eater by now…but when Gram dies, let’s take her money and property she so wisely saved for herself in the last times of life… wonder why she died so quickly…have not a clue, but then…

People need to realize that the Psalm Two war is real and getting nastier by the day. “How dare you dissent! How dare you raise your voice in protest! How dare you criticize ANYONE for ANYTHING.” Yes, tolerate everything, even murder if there is what appears to be, a good cause. The concept of sin is fast fading away. “People are OK, you are OK, everyone is OK”. But what if…

What if there really is a God out there somewhere? What if He is not on vacation or smoking pot? What if He is wide awake and is listening in? What if the Bible really is true? What then? And what if you never really bothered to study it, or even read it and then you come face to face with the Creator? What then? What if you did read it but decided it could not mean what it clearly said because your theology (if you had/have any), did not agree? Who do you think wins that argument at the end of things? And what if what applies to you and I applies to an entire nation, what then?

What if you only have one life to live and you blow it on booze, good times and work ’til you drop? What if the admonitions of the Bible and Jesus Christ were totally ignored and you find yourself in front of the Creator, and He is looking for SOMETHING, ANYTHING to redeem you, but cannot find it? What if an entire nation is found unredeemable? You know, like the one in the Bible called Babylon The Great? Well, what IF hell really is real, even if you yourself cannot conjure up any good reason in your mind for its existence? What if the Lord decided to turn America into hell? You know, like any nation that forgets God? What if there really are other dimensions, and hell is one of them? A sort of prison dimension, once there you never get out, of course you would be screaming, but who would listen to you? You see down there it appears no one really cares anyhow, so why would anyone come to your aid and comfort?

So somewhere it is said that to answer a matter before you hear it out is really a foolish thing to do. The Bible is a MATTER THAT NEEDS TO BE SEARCHED OUT. Bible prophecy is also one of those things that needs to be searched out before it is mocked. And what if America really is in the Bible? And what if she does foolish things because they did not read or believe the prophecies against her? The vast majority of people MOCK IT, but have no idea what it really says or what it really means. They think it is a foolish “religious book” of some type, and so why bother? Better to go to the bar and get drunk and solve all the problems of the world.

Anyhow, all of this leads to apostasy, and apostasy leads to bad judgment, and bad judgment leads to wrong choices, and wrong choices lead to bad actions, and can really be painful sometimes. So that brings us in a walkabout fashion back to the beginning – no one messes with America, no one. We are the HAMMER OF THE WHOLE EARTH, NUMBER UNO, MACHO MAN!!

Jeremiah 50:22-24

22 A sound of battle is in the land, and of great destruction.

23 How is the hammer of the whole earth cut asunder and broken! how is Babylon become a desolation among the nations!

24 I have laid a snare for thee, and thou art also taken, O Babylon, and thou wast not aware: thou art found, and also caught, because thou hast striven against the Lord.


That somehow does not sound like a good ending, does it? But how did mighty Babylon-America get to that end? What happened? In short, sticking her nose in everyone’s business and not minding her own. Not understanding who she was, nor her ending. Too bad, so sad type of thing.

She goes about hammering all the nations of the world to bring in her long wanted New World Order, of which she is the chief designer. But something goes wrong, and here is a most interesting statement from Scripture that may be unfolding before our eyes:

Jeremiah 50:44-46

5 Therefore hear ye the counsel of the Lord, that he hath taken against Babylon; and his purposes, that he hath purposed against the land of the Chaldeans: Surely the least of the flock shall draw them out: surely he shall make their habitation desolate with them.

46 At the noise of the taking of Babylon the earth is moved, and the cry is heard among the nations.


So now who are we fighting right now? Does anyone really know? A handful of radicals? Surely the “least of them”? Some small group that draws Babylon into battle? Into WWIII? Into a series of events that draws Babylon and the world into a final fray? Leads it all into Isaiah 17, Ezekiel 38 and 39? Into Isaiah 18, Jeremiah 50, 51 and Revelation 18? Could it be? Could the apostasy away from the Bible lead to the worlds demise? It appears so.

The military whiz kids all seem to be saying that this ISIL cannot be stopped without “boots on the ground”, air strikes help, but we must also use good old boy grunts to mop up operations. They are called “cannon fodder” by the elite. Cannon fodder. Well, the way we treat our troops in the field and then back here, I wonder why anyone would serve in the first place?

War in the Middle East leads to war here and war there. Treaties here and treaties there. Are treaties that Russia has, say with a number of Middle Eastern countries, the “hook in the Jaws” that lead them down to the mountains of Israel? Could be, but then again, maybe not, who knows anything for sure? Reminds me of an X-Files episode where a UFO pilot says he is not sure if anything is real anymore. Are we in that state of affairs now? Seems like it could be.

War by TV proxy. Watch the cruise missiles being launched. Watch the big flash. WOW? Blow them all away!! March through the land, scoffing at the kings and the princes! Fly as the eagle. Kill them all. Collateral damage, what’s that? Oh, just a few people here and there. Nothing to worry about. They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sort of like all of those aborted babies in America. Wrong place, wrong time, oh well, who cares? Innocent blood is required anyhow. Sort of a satanic thing, you know. The prince and power of the spirit world here on Earth sort of thing.

Everyone has treaties, and one might know that war is good for a failing economy. It is one of Iron Mountain’s favorite things – good for the money people, good for the masses, good for everyone except those killed or wounded. Good for the victors, bad for the losers. So have you noticed that the economies of the nations are not doing all that well right now? Have you noticed all of those store fronts with a “for lease” type of sign? War is good for that. It improves things, you know. Really does. Rally around the flag now, be a good citizen.

I wonder if the Creator ever vomits? He might be getting to that point. I think I read it somewhere that He does. Maybe Revelation somewhere. I think He was speaking of people who are His people, you know, LUKEWARM FOLKS. But if that is His attitude against His own folks, what about those who are not? Any thinking person might also be getting to that point of….  Oh well, it’s time for an “Alfred E. Neumann” statement from the White House. “What, me worry? I am the HAMMER OF THE WHOLE EARTH. MESS WITH ME, BROTHER, AND YOU’LL GET YOURS“. But notice the end of it all – how is that hammer broken, fallen, destroyed.

Somewhere in the Bible, you know, that Good Book no one wants to really read or study, it says that you always get back that which you hand out. I think 9-11-2001 was a reminder to Babylon. You know, just a small little event to remind the masses of the sleeping Americans that something was coming their way. I can’t imagine what it could be, can you?

Habakkuk 2

Shall not all these take up a parable against him, and a taunting proverb against him, and say, Woe to him that increaseth that which is not his! how long? and to him that ladeth himself with thick clay!

7 Shall they not rise up suddenly that shall bite thee, and awake that shall vex thee, and thou shalt be for booties unto them?

8 Because thou hast spoiled many nations, all the remnant of the people shall spoil thee; because of men’s blood, and for the violence of the land, of the city, and of all that dwell therein.


Just sayin’, that’s all – just thinkin’ that’s all. What say you?





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